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Nvidia steps up with $15 million donation for civilians affected by Israel-Hamas war

Nvidia Office

Leading American chipmaker Nvidia has made a significant humanitarian contribution by donating $15 million to support civilians impacted by the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Reuters reported. This initiative marks the largest charitable effort in Nvidia’s three decades of operation.

Reportedly, the charitable act saw wide participation from Nvidia’s global workforce, with employees from over 30 countries contributing a combined $5 million. Nvidia then matched this amount and further doubled it to $10 million under a special aid program. In addition to monetary aid, Nvidia has also contributed tangible support in the form of hundreds of computers to displaced families in Israel and thousands of hot meals from their Yokneam office cafeteria.

Nvidia’s deputy general counsel, Gideon Rosenberg, expressed the company’s pride in the overwhelming support from its employees worldwide. He highlighted the case of Avinatan Or, a 30-year-old Nvidia engineer, and his girlfriend, Noa Argamani, who were among those captured by Hamas during the Nova music festival on October 7. While some hostages have been released, the fate of Or and others remains a concern.

The beneficiaries of Nvidia’s donation include a range of organizations such as Asor Fund (JGive), American Friends of Magen David Adom, Doctors Without Borders, Friends of United Hatzalah, IsraAID (US) Global Humanitarian Assistance, Jewish Agency for Israel, World Central Kitchen, and Zaka. These organizations play a vital role in providing medical aid, food, and other essential services to those affected by the conflict.

To recap, Palestinian militant organisation Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel in early October this year. This conflict is part of a long-standing and complex dispute in the region.  The conflict has seen various forms of violence, including rocket attacks, airstrikes, and ground operations. Israel’s stance is often focused on security concerns, citing the need to defend its citizens from attacks. On the other hand, Hamas and its supporters argue for Palestinian sovereignty and protest against what they see as Israeli occupation and aggression.

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