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CEO of Ola Introduces AI Chatbot called Krutrim

The Krutrim chatbot's launch, which combines creativity and multilingualism, is a significant step forward for AI in India, according to Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal.


Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola, is leading and financially supporting Krutrim Si Designs, a budding firm that made waves when it recently launched its highly anticipated AI-powered chatbot, Krutrim. The news follows the startup’s recent fundraising triumph, which saw it raise a healthy $50 million. With this achievement, Krutrim Si Designs becomes the first Indian-based AI company to become a unicorn and catapults itself into the spotlight.

Krutrim Emerges as AI Trailblazer

Taking to social media, Bhavish Aggarwal provided a preview of the upcoming Krutrim AI in a post on the app X, formerly known as Twitter. The chatbot’s interface in the iPhone Safari browser was displayed in the publicly published screenshot, which indicated that the program is still in beta testing. 

Like Bard, Copilot, and ChatGPT, among other AI chatbots, Krutrim includes a warning statement below the search field. Users are cautioned to double-check important details because “Krutrim can go wrong sometimes.” Users were given the assurance by Agarwal that the models would continue to be improved after introduction. 

Multilingual Capabilities Define Krutrim’s Impact

The new AI chatbot is particularly noteworthy because it can understand 22 scheduled Indian languages in addition to English. It can also produce material in 10 Indian languages, which include Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Odia, Gujarati, and Malayalam. Although speech functionality for the chatbot has been verified by Krutrim Si Designs, it is unclear if this feature will be accessible at the time of the formal debut.

Addressing Challenges: Krutrim’s Transparency

Aggarwal showcased the accuracy of the chatbot’s responses to user queries by posting snippets of different responses in a series of blogs. But when Krutrim was asked, “Was India a country before the British Raj?” an intriguing revelation emerged. According to the chatbot’s response, India had a separate political structure, culture, language, religion, and customs prior to the British Raj. This response suggests possible hallucination problems in the response generating process by drawing interesting comparisons with other AI counterparts like ChatGPT, Bard, and Copilot.

In addition to representing a significant financial accomplishment, Krutrim Si Designs’ unicorn status establishes the company as a leader in the Indian AI market. Multiple Indian languages are incorporated to improve accessibility and usefulness for a wider audience, in line with the nation’s diverse linguistic environment. If implemented well, the voice-enabled functionality might improve user experience even further by making interactions with the AI chatbot more convenient.

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