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OnePlus and Realme to Exit Smart TV Market in India, Claim Reports

OnePlus and Realme to Exit Smart TV Market in India, Claim Reports

In a surprising turn of events, two prominent Chinese electronics manufacturers, OnePlus and Realme, are set to exit the Indian smart television market, according to various media reports. However, there is no official confirmation from both companies yet.

According to the reports, OnePlus and Realme have decided to halt the production and sale of televisions in India. This decision seems to be part of a strategic move by the parent company, BBK Electronics, which oversees both brands. The reasons behind this exit from the smart TV market are not entirely clear, but it is suggested that competitive challenges and market dynamics may be key factors.

Still, the news is surprising as both companies were doing fairly well in the country in the smart TV sector. Last year, OnePlus was even among the fastest-growing smart TV brands in India, according to a Counterpoint Research study. The TVs manufactured by both companies are still available for purchase online.

What It Means for Consumers

OnePlus and Realme have been known for their quality smartphones and their foray into the smart TV market was initially met with anticipation. Their exit from this segment may leave consumers with fewer options in the market. However, it is essential to note that existing OnePlus and Realme TV users need not worry about after-sales service and support. The companies are expected to continue providing support for their existing products, including software updates and warranty coverage.

The Impact on the Industry

The exit of OnePlus and Realme from the Indian smart TV market is a reminder of the ever-evolving and competitive nature of the consumer electronics industry. It also raises questions about the sustainability of various brands in the market, especially as they diversify into new product categories. With OnePlus and Realme stepping back, it will be interesting to see if other brands seize the opportunity to expand their market presence.

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