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Opera One: The Browser Built for Generative AI

Introducing Opera One - the completely redesigned browser that leverages generative AI to provide a revolutionary browsing experience


Opera has launched its early access version of Opera One, its upcoming completely redesigned browser set to release later this year. The new browser boasts a cleaner, more modern look with ample open space for future generative AI features and extensions in its sidebar and address bar.

Opera One’s development centers on a new multithreaded compositor and modular design principles to enable the creation of innovative features, including its standout “tab islands.” This groundbreaking feature intuitively groups opened websites based on their content, opening all pages with restaurant menus or Google Docs, for instance, in one “island” while providing a more structured and organized browsing experience. The feature is a response to user feedback revealing that many individuals get overwhelmed with the number of tabs they have open and need more support from their browsers.

Moreover, users can customize their browser experience by manually grouping tabs together or drag-and-drop pages between islands. This modular design approach is evident through Opera One’s easily distinguishable island borders and color markers, signaling further innovative features on the horizon.

Aside from the tab island feature, Opera One comes preloaded with advanced AI technologies such as ChatGPT, ChatSonic, and AI Prompts. The browser’s sidebar integration for AI chatbots allows for their quick launch in a separate window. Meanwhile, the AI Prompts feature suggests various ways to utilize the chatbots, such as transforming text into soap opera dialogue or creating quiz questions based on extracted information.

Opera One’s early access version showcases its commitment to revolutionizing the browsing experience through an innovative, user-focused approach. Its design, features, and intuitive AI capabilities offer a glimpse of what’s possible when technology and user experience converge, and we eagerly anticipate its official release later this year.

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