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Opera’s Latest iOS Update Introduces Aria: The AI Assistant by OpenAI

Meet Aria, the AI assistant integrated into Opera's iOS browser through a partnership with OpenAI, offering intelligent insights and voice commands


Opera has rolled out a fresh update for its iOS web browser, and it’s packed with cutting-edge tech. The highlight? A built-in AI assistant named Aria, birthed from a partnership between Opera and the tech powerhouse, OpenAI. This isn’t just for a select few – it’s available for every Opera user on iOS, at no extra charge.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Aria. It first made its appearance on Opera for desktop and its Android counterpart, garnering a massive user base of over a million. With this iOS update, Aria has effectively spread its wings across all the major operating platforms. Whether you’re on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or now iOS, Aria is ready to assist.

The choice of using Aria, however, remains in the user’s hands. It’s a completely opt-in service. So, if you’re curious about what this AI assistant can offer, give it a go. Otherwise, you can continue using the browser as usual. For those diving into the AI experience, Aria promises intelligent insights, smart suggestions, and the added luxury of voice commands. To get started with Aria, users need to be logged into their Opera account, and if you’re new, setting up an account is a breeze right from the app.

Delving into the tech specifics, Aria operates on Opera’s in-house infrastructure called “Composer”. But the magic happens when it syncs up with OpenAI’s renowned GPT technology. This blend is the secret sauce that allows Aria to tap into a plethora of AI models. And Opera isn’t stopping here. They’ve hinted at expanding Aria’s functionalities, with plans to wade deeper into the waters of generative AI and other novel services, which they’ll showcase in due time.

If you’re wondering how you’d interact with Aria, it’s pretty simple. The Opera browser on iOS now sports a chatbot-esque feature. Need an answer? Just ask Aria. Whether you type out your query or use the microphone to voice it out, Aria is all ears (or eyes?). This feature can be accessed via the “more” option on the Opera iOS app, located at the far-right tab on the navigation bar.

Aria’s recent success, hitting the 1 million users mark, seems to be just the beginning. Opera co-CEO, Lin Song, shared his enthusiasm about the AI’s reception, noting not just the number of users but the depth of their interaction. The introduction of Aria has nudged users to spend more time on the platform, engaging in more searches and viewing more pages during their sessions.

It’s worth mentioning that Aria isn’t Opera’s first tryst with AI. They’ve previously introduced AI Prompts, designed to empower users with generative AI tools. With these tools, users could seamlessly initiate AI-backed conversations, simplify lengthy articles, craft tweets, or even fetch related content based on highlighted text.

Beyond Aria, Opera for iOS continues to offer a suite of user-friendly features. From robust ad blocking and a complimentary VPN to features like tracking prevention, a crypto wallet, and private browsing capabilities, Opera ensures a secure and seamless browsing experience for all.

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