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Oppo Gotcha: Maybe more than just an April Fools’ Prank?

The Oppo Gotcha device, initially teased in 2022, may be more than just an April Fools' prank. Here's what we know regarding this adorable device.

Tech giants like Oneplus, Oppo, Nothing, and Xiaomi jumped on the April Fools’ Day bandwagon with hilarious concept tech pranks. Their jokes, from the Oneplus R2D2 concept, Xiaomi’s Confident booster tablets and Oppo’s mood detecting Oppo Gotcha with a ridiculously high refresh rate, were so well-crafted that some folks initially thought they were real announcements. Thankfully, a calendar check usually revealed the truth. These pranks were all lighthearted fun, meant to bring a smile, and the “Gotcha” concept from Oppo was particularly interesting, as it seems to be a real concept unlike the others.

Oppo Gotcha Features

The Oppo Gotcha has garnered attention for its rumoured features. The display’s refresh rate is said to be an incredibly high 1422Hz, which could potentially lead to smoother visuals and faster response times.

Launch Destop Feature04 Stereo Hi fi speaker 1

The device also features dual stereo speakers, and promotional materials make suggest that the device looks like a stopwatch and can also be used as a table clock. Finally, the Oppo Gotcha is said to have a “very clicky button,” indicating a focus on sensory experiences of the user based on their mood. On the front, the Gotcha features three buttons, one potentially being an ON/OFF button and the other two for either various modes, volume adjust or for playing games with Ollie, the virtual assistant.

The setting icon game icon and the notifcation icon spotted on the menu of the Oppo Gotcha

Looking at the teaser, it is evident that the device features three icons on the menu, one potentially for smartphone notifications, followed by a games icon also called “play mode” that has musical games with Ollie, and lastly a settings icon for general preferences for the device.

The expressions do resemble to that of the Anki Cozmo smart robot from 2016

According to Oppo, the Oppo Gotcha is capable of detecting the user’s emotions and adjusts its facial expressions while being used. The adorable device can range an array of expressions like being excited, sad, to total disbelief and more.

Nevertheless, the Oppo Gotcha’s legitimacy remains to be seen. With only an official teaser circulating on YouTube and social media, it’s best to wait and see how this April Fool’s Day prank unfolds into reality.


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