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reMarkable 2 e-ink tablet launched in India

reMarkable 2’s basic bundle starting at Rs 43,999, including the tablet and Marker Plus stylus.

reMarkable 2 E-Ink tablet launched in India

Oslo, Norway-based tech brand reMarkable has set its sights on India with the official launch of their paper-like e-ink tablet, the reMarkable 2. This “distraction-free, paper-like” digital notebook aims to bridge the gap between the familiar feel of pen and paper and the convenience of modern technology.

“We’re dedicated to listening to our millions of customers to create tailored experiences,” said Mats Herding Solberg, reMarkable’s Chief Design Officer and Head of Product Management and as read on The Indian Express. “We believe the reMarkable 2 offers a unique solution for those seeking a focused and paper-like note-taking experience without digital distractions.”

The reMarkable 2 boasts a 10.3-inch monochrome display that mimics the writing experience on paper. The included Marker Plus stylus lets you jot down notes or annotate documents with natural precision, while the optional Type Folio keyboard cover transforms it into a digital notepad for typing.

The reMarkable 2 boasts several features that cater to the digital note-taker:

  • Effortless Handwriting Conversion: Convert your handwritten notes to neatly formatted text with MyScript technology, supporting 33 Latin-based languages.
  • Seamless Cloud Sync: Sync notes and files across reMarkable applications for MacOS, Windows 10, iOS, and Android for easy access on the go.
  • Distraction-Free Mode: Immerse yourself in your work with a minimalist interface and the absence of email, notifications, and social media distractions.
  • Expandable Storage: 8GB of onboard storage provides ample space for notes, while optional cloud storage ensures everything stays organized.

The tablet’s premium features come at a premium price, with the basic bundle starting at Rs 43,999, including the tablet and Marker Plus stylus. A one-year free subscription to the Connect plan is included, unlocking unlimited cloud storage, multi-device protection, and mobile/desktop app access. After the free trial, subscriptions start at Rs 299 per month or Rs 2,990 annually.

In summary, if you are a dedicated note-taker who values focus and appreciates the natural feel of writing on paper, the reMarkable 2 could be your perfect digital companion. While its price tag might deter some, its unique features and long-lasting battery life (claimed two weeks) promise a premium note-taking experience.

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