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Sony Walkman NW-ZX707 Introduced in India at INR 69,990

The Sony NW-ZX707 is a high-end digital audio player featuring a 512GB storage capacity, advanced S-Master HX digital amp technology, Native DSD compatibility, and a sleek aluminum design for optimal sound clarity and durability

Sony Walkman NW-ZX707

Sony made history with the release of their iconic Walkman® series in 1979. With its launch, people’s perception of music listening changed forever as Sony revolutionised the portable music market. Now, continuing this legacy is the introduction of Sony’s all-new Digital Audio Player – NW-ZX707 which takes auditory experiences to a whole new level!

Sony has taken its renowned S-Master™ HX digital amp technology and fine-tuned it to power the NW-ZX707 Walkman®, providing users with a dramatically improved sonic experience. Compatible with Native DSD format, featuring Balanced audio output, as well as high power capabilities – all thanks to new lead-free solder for optimal sound clarity – this device takes your listening pleasure to an entirely different level!

The NW-ZX707 comes with a  storage capacity of 512GB which allows for an entire library of songs to be taken wherever life takes you, and its intuitive user interface makes it easy to find your favourite tunes. Playlists can be organized with ease for added convenience. Plus, this device is robustly designed – made from aluminium which not only looks great but also stands up well against everyday wear and tear as a trustworthy companion on daily adventures. Now available on Headphone Zone across India, it’s available at a price tag of INR 69,990. 

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