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The Human Brain: A Quantum Computer? The Latest Research That Changes Everything

Revolutionary new research from Trinity College and the Polish Academy of Sciences shows evidence of quantum entanglement in the human brain, potentially shedding light on the nature of consciousness and AI

Quantum Brain

The mystery surrounding the human brain and its connection to consciousness may finally have an answer. Researchers from Trinity College in Dublin and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw have published a paper that details an experimental MRI paradigm that suggests the human brain may actually be a quantum computer. The team’s paper, titled “Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions,” suggests that the human brain and heart may be entangled through quantum physics.

Entanglement is a quantum state where two objects remain connected, even when separated by distance. This type of entanglement may be present between the human brain and heart, according to scientists. The researchers modified an MRI machine to pick up on a specific proton’s spin in test subjects’ “brain water,” which resulted in the detection of certain signals from the heartbeats that should not be detectable by an MRI machine.

The results of this experiment can’t be easily explained through classical physics, which could potentially provide evidence for quantum entanglement in the human brain. The researchers state that the signals they derived were dependent on “conscious awareness,” leading them to conclude that they “may have witnessed entanglement mediated by consciousness-related brain functions.”

This discovery may have immense implications for the field of artificial intelligence, especially in the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). If consciousness is a feature of brain/body quantum entanglement, then AI experts may be waiting indefinitely for a mind to emerge from their algorithms. This could also mean that we may not be able to understand machine consciousness until we’ve perfected bio-organic robotics.

This experimental discovery of what could potentially be non-classical brain activity is just the beginning of the road when it comes to exploring the mysteries of both consciousness and quantum mechanics. This research has the potential to lead to novel uses for MRI machines, a greater understanding of the brain’s regulation of the body, and perhaps even a rudimentary understanding of how consciousness emerges.

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