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TikTok’s parent company working on a new music platform


TikTok parent ByteDance is reportedly trying to bring in a new application for discovering, downloading, and purchasing music. The company filed a trademark application with the US Trademark Office for “TikTok Music” in May.  In November 2021, ByteDance has already filed for a “TikTok Music” trademark in Australia.

The exact launch date and details remain unclear, however, as per trademark details, the upcoming app will let users “live stream audio and video interactive media programming in the field of entertainment, fashion, sports, and current events” reports Business Today.  It will offer “downloadable mobile applications providing podcast and radio broadcast content”. Users will also be able to create, share, and recommend playlists, comment on music, as well as Livestream audio and video. Apparently, the upcoming music will compete against music streaming giants like Spotify, Apple, and Google.

Notably, ByteDance already launched music streaming app in 2020, called Resso.  The app is available in Brazil, Indonesia, and also in India despite its sister TikTok being banned in the country for security reasons. The music platform has some of the same features that have been described in the new patent filing. In Brazil, TikTok users can directly go to Resso and listen to the full version of songs that they may have liked in a short video on TikTok.

About 40 million people use the Resso app in India, Brazil, and Indonesia as of November 2021. Talking about India, Resso saw a growth of 304 per cent in active users between January 2021 to January 2022 in comparison with Spotify’s  38 per cent, reports Insider.

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