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Trump launches “Trump Sneakers” day after $355 million fine

Donald Trump

In a striking move, former US President Donald Trump unveiled his latest venture called “Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker” (also dubbed as ‘Trump Sneakers), during the Sneaker Con event that took place in Philadelphia on Saturday 17th February. This unveiling, however, unfolded against the backdrop of a significant legal setback for Trump just a day prior to the launch, when a New York judge had just ruled for him and his company to pay a hefty sum of nearly $355 million in a civil fraud case for allegedly lying about the values of his properties.

Trump Sneakers

Never Surrender High Top sneakers
The Never Surrender High Top sneakers priced at $399

Undeterred by the legal challenges, Trump, is also positioning himself as a Republican candidate for November’s presidential nominations. He proudly presented what he heralded as the “Trump sneakers” during the event. These new minted “Never Surrender” High-top sneakers, feature a lustrous golden hue with an American flag motif, coupled with and a white and red duotone sole, that made an immediate impression during the event. These sneakers come with a price tag of $399 per pair.

POTUS 45 and the T Red Wave sneakers
The POTUS 45 and the T Red Wave sneakers priced at $199

Additionally, two alternative versions of the sneakers were launched, priced at $199 each that feature a distinct insignia of “T” and “45” on their sides, paying homage to Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States. Called T Red Wave that feature a vibrant red with white sole and POTUS 45 that features an all-white color with gold lettering that completes the design. A subtle inscription just above the heel proudly declares, “POTUS 45” (meaning President Of The United States 45).

Not a political campaign?

The announcement during the shoe-con event reportedly triggered a dynamic mix of reactions from the audience gathered at the Philadelphia Convention Center, with both boos and cheers reverberating through the venue, as Trump showcased his sneakers.

Trump Sneakers Sold Out Announcement
The sold out announcement on the website

Remarkably, the initial batch of the Never Surrender High-Top Sneakers, has been sold out on the GetTrumpSneakers.com platform, despite their premium price tag per pair. Among the 1,000 pairs made and available for purchase only ten exclusive editions were personally autographed by Trump himself.

Trump Sneakers disclosure

Regardless of the stunt, a line at the bottom of the website can be spotted saying “GetTrumpSneakers.com is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign.” Apart from sneakers, the website also sells cologne titled as the “Victory47 Cologne by President trump” with a pre order of $99. An offer price can be seen on the website stating that if more than two items are bought the buyer would get a 5% off on the main order
as the individual would get the sneakers with extra laces and an exclusive “Trump Superhero Charm” (see below).

The Trump Superhero Charm
The Trump Superhero Charm

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