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Twitter Completes Rebranding, Adopts New Handle @X

Twitter's ambitious rebranding journey sees the platform adopt @X as its new official handle amidst trademark issues and challenges

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In a significant shift, the social media giant Twitter has updated its official handle to @X as part of its ongoing rebranding journey. The original @Twitter handle now lies dormant, its bio altered to read, “This account is no longer active. Follow @x for updates.” The social media titan’s various official accounts have also embraced this change, either dropping the “Twitter” name or swapping it out for the letter X.

Under the rebranding umbrella, Twitter’s personal handles like @TwitterSupport, @TwitterDev (currently inactive), and @TwitterAPI have metamorphosed into @Support, @Xdevelopers, and @API respectively, each sporting the brand-new X logo as their profile image. However, some regional handles, such as Twitter Japan and Twitter India, have yet to adapt to the new nomenclature.

On the same note, the firm’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, has been transformed into @XBlue. Interestingly, the About page of the paid plan still retains the original Twitter Blue branding. As per the latest update on the Twitter Video page, initially highlighted by The Verge, verified users now possess the ability to permit other Blue users to download their videos from the social platform for offline viewing.

Earlier this week, the company momentarily revised the new “X” logo, opting for bolder lines. Nevertheless, this change was soon reversed by Elon Musk, who expressed his disapproval for the “thicker bars”, suggesting that the logo would “evolve over time.”

Despite the ambitious rebranding efforts, Twitter’s transition to X hasn’t been seamless. Multiple sections of the website, including the mobile apps, still bear the Twitter branding and name. Recent reports highlight potential trademark issues, with Microsoft owning an X trademark linked to Xbox since 2003, and Meta possessing a federal trademark for a blue-and-white letter “X” since 2019. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben warned of a “100% chance” of legal action against the Musk-led social network concerning the X rebranding.

The rebranding has also extended to Twitter’s physical spaces. The iconic Twitter logo has begun to be removed from the San Francisco headquarters, although the job is far from finished, due to police intervention citing “unauthorized work.” Furthermore, The New York Times recently reported that bird-themed items are being purged from the office and meeting rooms are being renamed with X-related monikers like “eXposure,” “eXult,” and “s3Xy.”

Lastly, The Wall Street Journal revealed on Tuesday that X is initiating new advertiser incentives in the U.S. and the U.K. The report suggests that the company is offering promotional pricing for video ads under the “Explore” section as part of its new strategy.

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