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Vimeo Introduces AI Tools for Seamless Content Creation

Vimeo, the popular video hosting platform, is revolutionizing video editing with its sophisticated AI-powered tools, aimed at streamlining the content creation process for creators. These innovative features empower users by simplifying video editing, generating scripts, and enhancing on-screen presentations


Vimeo, the popular video hosting platform, is entering a new era with the introduction of its sophisticated AI-powered tools, designed with the intent to streamline video editing for creators. The company’s recent move is part of a broader trend, aiming to empower those who may be short on skills, time, or resources but are keen to produce quality video content. Vimeo’s latest suite of features promises to dismantle these obstacles, making video creation and editing simpler and more efficient.

At the heart of Vimeo’s new toolset is an ingenious text-based video editor, which arguably presents the most value. Its functionality is such that it can autonomously excise lengthy pauses and instances of filler words like “um” and “ah” from videos at the mere click of a button. This is not just a convenience but a potential game-changer for many creators. Moreover, users can specifically target parts of the video for removal by leveraging a generated transcript, using a simple search for the desired words and proceeding to delete them. The application further facilitates the creation of social media-friendly clips by allowing the highlighting of a word, sentence, or paragraph in the transcript, right-clicking, and then selecting “keep only this.”


The second AI tool in Vimeo’s latest release is a script generator. It’s designed to produce a comprehensive script based on the user’s initial text prompt, the intended length of the video, and the chosen ‘tone,’ be it confident, funny, or casual. TechCrunch reports that the technology behind this remarkable tool is OpenAI’s GPT, which Vimeo has incorporated into its editing suite through an API.

The final feature of this new triumvirate is an on-screen teleprompter. This tool displays user-set scripts with customizable font size and pacing. It’s a great asset for creators, as it aids in adhering to the script while enabling continuous eye contact with the camera, enhancing the quality and impact of their presentation.

These groundbreaking tools from Vimeo are set to go live in July and will be included in their Standard and Pro subscription plans. Prospective users can test the waters by using these features during a seven-day trial period. However, to continue reaping the benefits of these AI-powered tools, users will need to opt for a subscription that starts at a minimum of $20 per month, when billed annually.

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