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Whispers of New iPads: Are Apple’s October 17th Rumors True?

Apple is generating buzz with whispers of a fresh iPad lineup release, set to arrive as early as October 17


Buzz is building around Apple, with whispers hinting at a fresh release of its iPad lineup. If these rumors hold water, we might witness the unveiling of new versions of the entry-level iPad, iPad mini 7, and iPad Air 6 as soon as this Tuesday, October 17.

The initial hint of this news popped up on Supercharged, and later, insiders confirmed the same to 9to5Mac. Given the recent whirlwind of chatter about these iPads getting revamped, the anticipation for new models seems more palpable than ever.

Let’s dive a bit into the specifics. Remember the last update of the entry-level iPad in 2022? For those who don’t, our review of the iPad 10.9 (2022) will jog your memory. Spoiler alert: We were pretty smitten by it. This model took a leap from its predecessor, shedding the home button and embracing the sleek style of the iPad Pro. Thus, major design overhauls for the upcoming release seem unlikely. However, the rumor mill has been relatively quiet about this model. We’ve caught wind of potential spec enhancements, which are par for the course with new releases. And if we had a wish list? We’re rooting for the inclusion of Apple Pencil 2 support and a boost in battery longevity.

Moving on to the iPad Air, we witnessed its last refresh in 2022. A peek at our iPad Air (2022) review might remind you of its features. Some murmurs suggest that we might be treated to not one, but two iPad Airs. Could it be variations in screen dimensions or maybe distinct specifications? We can only guess for now.

For those who have a soft spot for compact tablets, the iPad mini’s latest version was launched back in 2021. Although we’re not expecting a design revolution for its successor, we’ve been tipped off about a resolution to the ‘jelly scrolling’ glitch that some users noted in the previous version.

Now, how will Apple introduce these beauties to the world? Both Supercharged and 9to5Mac predict an announcement through a press release. So, if you’re envisioning a grand spectacle like the iPhone 15 launch, recalibrate your expectations. Yet, Apple might still indulge us with some promotional clips on YouTube.

On a side note, if you’ve been keeping tabs and wondering about the conspicuous absence of the iPad Pros in these leaks, there’s a reason. These premium tablets are poised for a refresh only in 2024. And, just to sprinkle a dash of extra excitement, there are hints of them flaunting OLED displays in their next iteration.

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