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X App Shines in Drake and Taylor Swift’s Controversies

X app triumphs amid Drake and Taylor Swift controversies, retaining popularity despite explicit content challenges. Owner Elon Musk remains defiant.

X App at #1 on App Store

Amidst yet another controversy over celebrity images, X climbed to the top of Apple’s App Store thanks to the popular hashtag “drakevideo.” This event comes after X’s previous struggles with sexual content, such as phony photos of Taylor Swift created by artificial intelligence. 

Owner of X, Elon Musk, took pride in the app’s popularity in the App Store despite the controversy, highlighting the app’s ability to withstand criticism from the media. X continues to uphold its dedication to a secure atmosphere and a strict policy against the sharing of non-consensual nude photos.

Drake video Sparks X’s App Success

The proprietor of X, Elon Musk, boasted about the app’s #1 ranking in the App Store amid a recent controversy around the trending hashtag “drakevideo.” The controversy around sexual content on the internet has been exacerbated by the incident, which revolves around a video that is purported to show rapper Drake in a compromising position.

Elon Musk’s Pride in the Face of Criticism

Less than two weeks have passed since X battled the proliferation of crude images of Taylor Swift created by AI. In light of the circumstances, the firm momentarily disabled searches for the artist’s name. These difficulties did not, however, deter X’s rise to the top of the App Store download charts.

Not to be outdone, Elon Musk commented on X’s success on social media, saying, “If I had a dollar for every time the media reported that one of my companies was going to die, I would never need to raise money!” X has withstood media criticism and continues to be a well-liked app in the App Store.

X’s Dedication to Safety Despite Disagreements

Joe Benarroch, a spokesman for X, stressed the company’s dedication to offering a polite and safe environment for all users. A “zero-tolerance policy” for the dissemination of nonconsensual nude photos was underlined by him. According to Benarroch, the business has already removed thousands of offensive posts and is actively keeping an eye on the situation to delete any more.

Notwithstanding these guarantees, a platform search turned up at least seven posts from the previous day that included the alleged Drake video, some of which had received millions of views. The efficiency of X’s content moderation efforts in swiftly addressing explicit content is called into question by this discovery.

X is steadfast in its commitment to keeping its users secure in light of the current circumstances. A representative for the business reaffirmed that it would uphold a zero-tolerance policy for offensive material and promised continued monitoring and removal of offending posts.

It’s important to remember that soon after assuming control of the business in 2022, Elon Musk made considerable layoffs from the teams in charge of content filtering and safety measures. The effectiveness of the platform’s management and prevention of the distribution of explicit content has come under scrutiny in light of this decision.

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