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xAI begins rollout of Grok to Premium+ subscribers

xAI begins rollout of Grok to Premium subscribers

Social media platform X has started the rollout of Grok, a new AI chatbot developed by Elon Musk’s xAI, exclusively to its Premium+ subscribers. Grok, known for its unique wit and rebellious nature, promises a fresh approach to AI conversations, contrasting sharply with existing chatbots like ChatGPT.

“Access to @grok is now rolling out to Premium+ subscribers in the US over the next week. the longer you’ve been a subscriber, the sooner you can grok,” the company said in a post on X on Friday.

The company, formerly known as Twitter, further announced that Grok’s deployment to its Premium+ user base would span across Web, iOS, and Android platforms over the next week. Initially available only in the United States, Grok’s global release schedule however remains unspecified by xAI. Users can find Grok on the side menu of X’s Web version and in the updated mobile app, with an option to add it to the bottom menu for quick access.

Grok’s rollout prioritizes long-term Premium+ subscribers, sparking a wave of social media buzz as users begin sharing their experiences. Screenshots circulating online show Grok’s ability to engage in bold and spicy conversations, including roasting users upon request. This feature highlights the chatbot’s edgy personality, a stark contrast to its contemporaries like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Elon Musk, at the forefront of this venture, positions Grok as a “maximum truth-seeking AI” with the unique advantage of real-time access to information through the X platform. This capability sets Grok apart in the AI race, providing a level of current awareness unmatched by other models.

Grok’s foundation lies in the Grok-1 large language model, a product of continuous development and refinement. The chatbot’s ability to delve into controversial topics and real-time information integration marks a significant shift in the capabilities of AI assistants. Its functionality extends beyond traditional models, as evidenced by its conversational prowess and readiness to tackle sensitive questions.

The introduction of Grok comes at a time when the AI landscape is rapidly evolving, with major players like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft vying for dominance. Grok’s entry, backed by the unique vision of Musk and xAI, promises to shake up the status quo, offering users an AI experience that’s not just informative but also engaging and entertaining.

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