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YouTube Music Revamps ‘Now Playing’ Screen, Introduces Comments Section

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has rolled out a significant redesign of its ‘Now Playing’ screen for Android and iOS devices. The revamp includes easily accessible buttons, larger album art, and most notably, a new comments section that lets users read and write comments directly within the app.

“As the social fabric of music evolves, so does YouTube Music. The latest upgrade focuses on creating a more interactive and social user experience,” said a company spokesperson.

YouTube Music comments section

Spotted first by 9to5Google, the new update brings a comments button that curates existing comments from the song’s official music video on YouTube. Situated under the cover art, when users tap this button, a panel slides up showing a comments section almost identical to that of the main YouTube app. The move adds a new dimension of social engagement, allowing users to share opinions without switching apps.

Besides the comments section, YouTube Music has made several other changes to enhance the user interface. Icons for like/dislike, save, share, download, and radio have been relocated just beneath the song title for easier access. Previously, these options were hidden and accessible only by tapping on the album art.

Another minor but aesthetic change is the alteration of the song/video toggle color, which is now white instead of blending with the background color.

This latest update follows closely behind the introduction of ‘Samples,’ a TikTok-style short-form personalized video feed. ‘Samples’ features YouTube’s catalog of official music videos as well as live footage, offering a richer, more varied content experience to users.

While the new features add social layers to the music streaming app, they are likely to draw mixed reviews. For those who enjoy sharing opinions online, the comments section is a welcomed addition. However, purists who prefer an uninterrupted music experience might find it distracting.

The redesigned ‘Now Playing’ screen is rolling out progressively across Android and iOS devices. Users are encouraged to keep their app up-to-date to avail the new features. For those who have not yet seen the update, the rollout is expected to reach all devices soon.

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