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YouTube using AI to test auto-generated summaries feature

AI auto-generated summaries on YouTube is currently running only with a limited number of videos and viewers.


American online audio/video sharing platform YouTube is using artificial intelligence to test a feature that will automatically generate summaries of videos. According to YouTube’s support page, the AI auto-generated summaries will give a quick overview of videos, helping users pick what’s relevant to them.


“We’re starting to test AI auto-generated summaries on YouTube, so that it’s easier for you to read a quick summary about a video and decide whether it’s the right fit for you,” the Google-owned platform wrote on the page dated July 31. “While we hope these summaries are helpful and give you a quick overview of what a video is about, they do not replace video descriptions (which are written by creators!).”


Since the feature is in its testing phase, it is running only with a limited number of videos and viewers. These users may see the auto-generated summaries on watch and search pages. The testing is primarily being done in English. The company, however, did not specify any other details regarding the location of users who will be able to see AI auto-generated summaries, how it will look, or when it will be rolled out globally.


YouTube parent Google has been actively exploring and implementing generative AI in various platforms and products. YouTube’s AI-generated summaries are part of the platform’s efforts to leverage AI to improve user engagement and content discovery. However, it is noteworthy that there are some AI-powered platforms and Google Chrome extensions that provide summaries of YouTube videos.


One such example is that of an AI-powered Chrome extension called ‘YouTube Summary with ChatGPT’ that summarizes and transcribes a lengthy video in a fraction of the time. This extension aims to help users understand the main points and content of a video without having to entirely watch it.


Meanwhile, the social media platform previously said that it is also testing a feature that “enables mobile viewers to create Shorts featuring comments posted on videos they’re watching.” These Short will appear in the Shorts feed and on the viewer’s channel page.

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