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    Lamborghini’s Electric Leap: Introducing the Lanzador, Where Supercar Meets Spaceship

    Breaking from tradition, the Lanzador concept introduces Lamborghini's electric future with a blend of power and practicality

    Propulsion System Triumph: India’s Gaganyaan Mission Leaps Forward in Space Exploration

    The system's ability to perform optimally in real-world conditions is an encouraging sign that the Gaganyaan mission is on track for its planned launch.

    UK Space Agency’s Strategic Plan Unveils Eleven Key Technologies for Space Exploration

    With a focus on AI, autonomy, and space nuclear power, the UK Space Agency's recently released Space Exploration Technology Roadmap aims to guide the nation's space sector in research, development, and investment decisions over the next decade

    German Startup Constellr Pioneers Space-Age Technology for Advanced Crop Monitoring

    With €17m in seed funding, Constellr's microsatellites offer daily, detailed heatmaps to detect crop health shifts before they're perceptible on the ground

    NASA briefly lost contact with International Space Station after power outage

    NASA had to rely on backup control systems for telemetry, commanding, and audio.   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration briefly lost contact with the International Space...

    Eurialo: The Future of Air Traffic Management with Space-Based Aircraft Tracking

    The European Space Agency and Spire Global join forces to introduce 'Eurialo', a cutting-edge civilian aviation surveillance system, ensuring real-time, precise tracking of flights worldwide

    SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy to Carry Maxar’s Jupiter-3, A Historic Leap in Satellite Technology

    The world's largest private satellite, Jupiter-3, is poised for a groundbreaking launch aboard SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, promising revolutionary communication capabilities

    NASA Awards $150 Million in Funding to 11 Companies for Advanced Space Technology Projects

    NASA's Tipping Point program supports technology advancements for future moon missions and commercial space exploration.

    NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Discovers Crucial Carbon Molecule in Space

    The James Webb Space Telescope's success in detecting methyl cation in the Orion Nebula is poised to pave the way for further exploration of carbon compounds throughout the cosmos.

    NASA to Develop ChatGPT Like AI Assistant for Astronauts to Communicate with Spacecraft

    In a significant leap towards science fiction-like capabilities, engineers at NASA are working on an AI assistant that will enable astronauts to communicate with...


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