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Freshmarketer Review 2024: Key Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Today’s advertising landscape is a dynamic mix of data, creativity, and customer interaction. Staying ahead of the competition requires digital tools that can automate marketing tasks and provide valuable insights for improving customer relationships. Freshmarketer is a versatile marketing automation software trusted by online marketers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large e-commerce businesses. Packed with features designed to boost conversion rates, enhance customer engagement, and optimize promotional strategies, Freshmarketer is the perfect addition to any marketing toolkit.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into what Freshmarketer has to offer, explore its user-friendly interface, and evaluate the pros and cons to help you decide if this tool is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle.

What is Freshmarketer?

Freshmarketer is a marketing platform created by Freshworks that takes care of all aspects of business marketing. Whether it’s orchestrating complicated multi-channel customer journeys or conducting simple lead nurturing via email campaigns, Freshmarketer provides an easy-to-use space for your creativity to flow.

Key Features

Campaign Management

Freshmarketer Campaign Management

A great feature of Freshmarketer is its strong campaign management module. You can design, launch, and track marketing campaigns across various channels such as email, SMS, and social media. What makes it different from other software is its simplicity – even beginners can use it — and the capability of segmenting audiences for personalized messaging, ensuring the right message gets to the right person at the right time.

Email Marketing Campaign Management

Freshmarketer Email Campaign

Freshmarketer offers businesses an email marketing tool that allows them to create, send, and analyze email campaigns easily. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder which enables you to design visually appealing emails without any coding knowledge required. You can also segment your audience based on behavior, engagement, and demographics to send more relevant messages which should result in higher open rates and conversions. A/B testing together with comprehensive analytics gives insights into how well campaigns are performing, enabling you to refine your strategies accordingly.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

Freshmarketer CRO Tools

In this area, Freshmarketer does a lot through various tools meant for understanding and improving website user experience. For instance, heatmaps show where most clicks happen on a page while A/B tests reveal what kind of content or design works best for conversion rates. Session replay allows you to see exactly how visitors browse through your sites. This helps in making data-driven decisions towards increasing site conversions — all without requiring much technical expertise.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Freshmarketer CRM

The integration with Freshworks’ CRM system not only enables Freshmarketer to attract but also helps manage leads and customers effectively. This feature ensures that every customer interaction and data are stored in one place giving a holistic view of the customer journey. It also empowers teams to nurture leads through personalized communication thus tracking each step from prospect to becoming a loyal client.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Freshmarketer Customer Segmentation

Using Freshmarketer, it becomes possible for you to create detailed segments based on customer data, behavior as well engagement levels. This allows you to send highly targeted messages leading to better response rates due to increased relevance. In addition to this, personalization can be extended beyond emails up to web pages, ensuring consistent tailored experiences across channels.

Automation & Workflow Management

Freshmarketer Automation

With automation capabilities present within Freshmarketer, it becomes easy for you to devise complex workflows that automate tasks depending on specific triggers and conditions. This will not only save time but also ensure that there is continuous and personalized engagement with customers. Automation workflows can be customized to suit any marketing strategy, starting from lead nurturing campaigns down to post-purchase follow-ups.

Analytics and Reporting

Freshmarketer Analytics

Finally, Freshmarketer provides deep analytics tools together with reporting features that give comprehensive insights into how different aspects of marketing are performing. For example, real-time information about campaign effectiveness, user engagement, or conversion metrics among others helps businesses continuously improve their tactics. Moreover, customizable reporting dashboards make it simpler for you to keep track of those metrics relevant to achieving specific objectives.

By incorporating these main features into one platform, Freshmarketer equips digital marketers with the powerful arsenal necessary for taking their campaigns to the next level; connecting meaningfully with customers while driving measurable business growth at the same time.

Usability and Performance


Freshmarketer is built to cater to all marketers regardless of their skill level in using digital marketing tools. The design is simple and easy to understand which helps you not to get confused while navigating through different features of the software. Campaign setup, for example, is direct and clear so that even a novice can follow the steps provided and come up with effective marketing communications within no time.

The drag-and-drop editors for email and landing pages are among my favorite parts of this software because they significantly reduce the learning curve especially if you are new to such platforms. Integration capabilities are also quite impressive because Freshmarketer seamlessly connects with many other tools used by businesses, making the marketing process simpler.


Freshmarketers don’t compromise on speed or efficiency when it comes to performance. My campaigns always launch promptly after setting them up; this saves me a lot of time which I could have wasted waiting for them to start running. Analytics get updated instantly too so that I can see how my efforts are fairing on immediately.

Another thing that has impressed me about this platform is its stability — there’s hardly any downtime experienced. Since everything runs smoothly without interruptions, I can keep track of what’s happening within my account every minute.

Conversion rate optimization tools work quite well here; heatmaps, A/B testing, etc., provide accurate insights into user behavior on website landing pages, enabling you to make necessary improvements within very short periods. My visitor-to-customer conversion rates have been improving ever since I started using Freshmarketer!

On scalability grounds alone, I would give Freshmarketer five stars out of five possible ratings! Whether you’re just starting a small-scale business or running an e-commerce giant looking to re-strategize your operations; trust me when to say — “this tool will not disappoint”. Its ability to handle huge amounts of data interactions makes it the perfect choice for any company that wants to grow its online presence rapidly.

To sum up, Freshmarketer is highly usable and performs extremely well. It offers simplicity to beginners while providing depth to advanced users at the same time, meeting reliability and efficiency requirements in the fast fast-paced digital marketing industry.


Integrations are key to boosting the capabilities of Freshmarketer so that it can seamlessly work within a business’s current digital ecosystem. Below are some of the most useful marketing integrations provided by Freshmarketer.

CRM Integration

Freshmarketer integrates with well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems without any effort. This makes it possible for customer data to flow smoothly between marketing and sales teams, ensuring both sides are equipped with up-to-date information about clients. By syncing customer data across platforms, this integration helps in improving lead nurturing as well as conversion strategies.

E-commerce Platforms

When Freshmarketer connects with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce, businesses gain the power to personalize their marketing approaches based on customer buying habits. Through these integrations, automated campaigns become possible which target specific groups and may contribute towards generating more sales, recovering abandoned carts, or improving the overall shopping experience for customers.

Social Media Platforms

Businesses can reach out to audiences across different channels by integrating with social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Using such integrations, Freshmarketer targets individual customers with ads designed for them specifically; tracks how effective various social media campaigns have been, and comes up with cohesive marketing plans that cover all social channels.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Freshmarketer enhances its reporting capabilities by integrating with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This allows businesses to see comprehensive reports within Freshmarketer where they combine deep marketing analytics from this tool with broader website performance information gathered through other means like GA. In other words, marketers get better insights into what is working well in their campaigns vis-a -vis overall company objectives.

Email Service Providers

The email marketing abilities of Freshmarketer can be improved through integration with email service providers. This allows for increased personalization & segmentation, ensuring that the right messages get delivered to the appropriate audience at the right time. Additionally, integration also enables one-tap setup send-time optimization — an advanced feature found in Mailchimp — so that detailed campaign analytics are available directly inside Freshmarketer.

Other Integrations

In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, Freshmarketer offers several other tool integrations that can further enhance its functionality like webinar platforms, customer support tools, or even project management software. This way marketing workflows become more interconnected and automated thus reducing manual work while focusing more on strategy & engagement with clients.


Freshmarketer offers various pricing tiers that can be adjusted as your marketing grows. It includes a free version which is a great way to get started with the platform and its features. Have a look:

Freshmarketer Pricing

Advantages and Disadvantages

This tool is powerful but it has its strong points as well as weak points. So let’s take a closer look at where Freshmarketer shines and needs some polishing:


  • Freshmarketer provides a vast array of features that can meet different marketing teams’ requirements.
  • This platform has been created with keeping users in mind, therefore, it enables smooth onboarding and usability.
  • The analytics provided by Freshmarketer are detailed enough to give you actionable insights that are necessary for refining your strategies in the field of marketing.
  • Multichannel automation offered by Freshmarketer allows businesses to interact with their customers wherever they are.


  • Although user-friendliness is one of its key characteristics, there might still exist higher learning curves if used in complex scenarios due to the numerous functionalities present within this software package.
  • In terms of pricing, some small enterprises or startups might find them slightly expensive especially when considering the advanced options available.
  • What is available under the free plan represents only a fraction of the capabilities possessed by this tool.  Therefore, if you need more advanced functionalities then upgrading to a paid subscription becomes necessary.


Alternative tools are crucial to be considered by businesses even though Freshmarketer has been a global digital marketing tool. These are some of the major alternatives for Freshmarketer and what they bring to the table.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

One of the popular alternatives is HubSpot Marketing Hub, which is an all-inclusive marketing software designed to help businesses grow traffic, convert visitors into customers, and manage their marketing campaigns. It boasts of its expertise in inbound marketing, with email marketing, social media management as well as content management forming part of its extensive tool kit.

With seamless customer relationship management (CRM) integration, every aspect of the client’s journey can be managed and optimized. Also, it offers educational resources and a supportive community which makes it more than just a tool but also guidance towards growth for any business.


Marketo is another robust option that prioritizes giving businesses and marketers scalable marketing automation solutions. The platform is famous for its ability to handle intricate customer journeys, and it offers a wide range of email marketing features, lead management tools, revenue attribution systems, analytics software, and more. This makes it especially popular among medium-to-large enterprises that need advanced reporting capabilities to optimize their marketing strategies.


As we move towards more beginner-friendly options, Mailchimp stands out as an email marketing platform that has expanded into landing pages, digital ads, and automation. What sets Mailchimp apart is its user-friendliness combined with the ability to create sophisticated marketing campaigns. It’s particularly suitable for small businesses and those new to digital marketing because of its intuitive interface and free plan.


Pardot by Salesforce is designed specifically for B2B marketing automation. It includes detailed lead management and nurturing tools that help businesses convert prospects into clients. Its deep integration with Salesforce also means that if you’re already using Salesforce for CRM then Pardot will be an extremely powerful addition to your tech stack. Where Pardot shines though is in email marketing automation — no other platform comes close when it comes to lead scoring or ROI reporting either so this one’s worth considering if sales & marketing alignment are key areas for improvement within your company.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns forms part of the Zoho suite which provides cost-effective solutions for businesses looking for all-in-one software packages. It includes core features such as email marketing, audience segmentation, and campaign reporting amongst others but what sets this platform apart from others on our list is its integration with other Zoho products which creates a connected environment where everything can be managed under one roof — from sales through service right up until customer support itself! Small-medium-sized companies often favor Zoho Campaigns due to its affordability combined with simplicity when compared to some larger enterprise-grade alternatives available on the market today.

Each of these alternatives has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business’s specific needs, size, budget, etc. Therefore the feature list alone is not enough. Also, how well a platform fits within overall resource capabilities and strategy alignment towards long-term objectives must be considered before making a final decision related to selecting the best alternative option available.


Looking for a powerful marketing automation platform? Freshmarketer is a top contender, offering a wide range of features to help businesses captivate and convert customers. From basic tools for small businesses to advanced capabilities for enterprises, it has it all. With its user-friendly interface, insightful analytics, and support for multiple channels, Freshmarketer is a winning choice for digital marketers seeking to supercharge their campaigns.

However, it’s worth noting that Freshmarketer may have a bit of a learning curve, especially for those new to marketing automation or with limited technical expertise. The pricing structure can also be a bit complex, depending on your specific business needs and contact database size.

Nevertheless, if you’re eager to streamline your marketing efforts and gain valuable insights into customer interactions, Freshmarketer could be the solution you’ve been searching for! Plus, with a risk-free 21-day trial, there’s no reason not to give it a try and see if it aligns with your overall strategy.


Q: What is Freshmarketer?

A: Freshmarketer is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps businesses engage, convert, and retain customers across multiple channels.

Q: Can I get a free trial for Freshmarketer?

A: Yes, there is a 21-day free trial of Freshmarketer that allows you to try its features before committing to a paid plan.

Q: Do I have to be technically savvy to use Freshmarketer?

A: Although easy to use with a clean interface designed for simplicity, some aspects of Freshmarketer may require familiarization, especially around more involved campaigns.

Q: Can I do email campaigns with Freshmarketer?

A: Yes, there are extensive email marketing tools in Freshmarketer including email campaign creation, automation, and analytics.

Q: Is it good for small businesses?

A: Absolutely, because of its scalable pricing and breadth of features that are suitable for any size business including small startups.

Q: How does it handle customer data?

A: Freshmarketer has strict data protection and privacy measures in place so all customer data is safe and handled within regulations.

Q: Can it integrate with other tools or platforms?

A: Yes! With integration capabilities across many different types of tools or platforms, you can streamline your marketing efforts using Freshmarketer!

Q: What kind of support options are available for customers who need help while using the software?

A: There are different levels of customer support provided by Freshmarketer such as knowledge base articles and emailed support tickets but higher tier plans come with dedicated account management representatives.

Q: Does it provide analytics & reporting?

A: Yes one strong suit Freshmarketer offers is in-depth analytics & reporting where actionable insights can be derived from optimizing campaigns based on these findings

Q: Can it automate social media marketing?

A: Though focused mainly on automated email campaigns, social media actions can be included within broader automation workflows as a part of the multichannel engagement strategy provided by Freshmarketer.

Q: Is there an App for Freshmarketer?

A: Currently, no mobile app exists specifically made for Freshmarketer. However, their web platform is responsive so it should work fine on smartphones or tablets.

Q: Can I use it for lead generation and management?

A: Yes, Freshmarketer provides landing pages, web forms, and lead scoring segmentation all aimed at helping generate leads which can then be tracked within the system for further nurturing until conversion occurs

Q: Are there any limits on how many users or contacts can be added to this system

A: The limit to the number of user accounts as well as contacts that can be added depends on which specific plan you select; higher-tiered plans allow larger numbers of contacts.

Q: How often does it get updated with new features?

A: Freshmarketer is regularly updated according to user feedback and market trends so expect some exciting things coming down the pipeline soon!

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