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Dave Limp to replace Bob Smith as Blue Origin’s CEO

Dave Limp to replace Bob Smith as Blue Origin’s CEO
Blue Origin’s new CEO’s background includes almost 14 years at Amazon.

American space exploration company Blue Origin will replace current chief executive officer Bob Smith with Amazon’s former hardware boss Dave Limp. Smith will retire on December 4 but stay in the company till January 2 to ensure a smooth transition, CNBC reported citing an internal memo by Jeff Bezos to Blue Origin employees.

Appreciating Smith’s leadership, Bezos said that his leadership has led to significant growth at Blue Origin, resulting in several billion dollars in sales orders and a substantial backlog for its vehicles and engines. Under his leadership, the aerospace company’s team has expanded, in terms of employees, from 850 members to currently over 10,000 members, and has also gone from having just one office in Kent to establishing a launch pad at LC-36 and constructing five million square feet of facilities across seven states.

Calling the upcoming CEO “the right leader for Blue”, Bezos said Limp brings innovation, a customer-centric approach, and extensive experience in leading and scaling large, complex organizations. His background includes almost 14 years at Amazon, where he served as a senior vice president for various businesses.

Blue Origin stands as a vanguard in the aerospace sector, and with Limp at the helm, the firm is expected to further consolidate its position. The company is known for its innovative strides in space technology and has been making headlines with its endeavors in orbital and suborbital flight.

It is worth mentioning that under Smith’s leadership, Blue Origin not only developed but also successfully launched multiple suborbital flights, marking milestones in the annals of aerospace history. However, with the advent of Limp, the company is likely to usher in a new era of innovation and expansion. As the baton passes from Smith to Limp, the global community awaits with bated breath the next suite of innovations and breakthroughs that will emerge from Blue Origin’s stables.

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