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BookMyShow Stream Partners with Mubi to Bring Acclaimed International Films to Indian Viewers

BookMyShow stream partners with Mubi

BookMyShow Stream, the transaction video-on-demand platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Mubi, the renowned film streaming service and distributor, to expand its catalog with a collection of award-winning movies tailored to cinephiles. The collaboration aims to bring more than 40 acclaimed titles to the platform, providing Indian viewers with access to an array of international films in multiple languages.

The partnership commences with the release of three captivating films: “Decision to Leave” directed by Park Chan-wook, “Aftersun” by Charlotte Wells, and “The Five Devils” directed by Léa Mysius. While the first two films are currently available for rent or purchase on BMS Stream, “The Five Devils” is available for pre-rent and pre-purchase. The rental price for “Decision to Leave” and “Aftersun” is set at Rs. 69, while “The Five Devils” can be pre-rented for Rs. 69 and pre-purchased for Rs. 199. Once rented, viewers will have 30 days to access the movie and an additional two days to finish watching it. However, there are no limitations on movies that are purchased, allowing viewers to watch them as frequently and for as long as desired.

Ashish Saksena, Chief Operating Officer – Cinemas, BookMyShow, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership in a press release, stating, “Our partnership with Mubi is another step in the direction of developing this impactful slate of content, constantly bringing the best of the globe to India and catering to this massive demand…we are poised to revolutionize the content consumption experience.” Saksena highlighted the growing interest among Indian consumers in the transaction video-on-demand format and the value this collaboration brings by expanding Mubi’s catalogue to the discerning ‘Pay-Per-View’ audience.

Mubi, which offers a subscription service in India for Rs. 299 per month, has two membership options: Mubi Standard and Mubi Go. The Standard membership provides ad-free streaming and a seven-day free trial, while Mubi Go, available for Rs. 499 per month, offers a cinema ticket every week to be redeemed at local theaters. Annual memberships are also available for Rs. 1,999. However, the partnership with BookMyShow Stream allows viewers to access select Mubi titles without subscribing to the full service, offering flexibility based on individual content consumption preferences.

The BookMyShow Stream and Mubi collaboration offers an opportunity for Indian audiences to explore a wide range of international cinema, transcending geographical borders and language barriers. The partnership showcases the commitment of BookMyShow to cater to the evolving preferences and tastes of Indian movie enthusiasts by curating a library of exclusive content. However, Mubi’s regular platform and app will continue to operate as usual, with this collaboration serving as a means to introduce Mubi’s films to a new audience.

BookMyShow Stream’s library, which launched in February 2021, already features over 2,000 titles from around the world and India, providing users with a comprehensive selection of films and TV shows available for rent or purchase.



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