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Acer’s smart bike-desk combo lets you charge your laptop while burning calories!

Charge your laptop while burning calories with Acer’s smart bike-desk combo!
The desk on the Acer smart bike can be moved in two positions: work and sports mode.


It is a known fact that long hours of sitting and working could have an adverse effect on health. But what was not known was that work and exercise could also go hand in hand!


Acer is one among many other companies that has taken cognizance of the same and announced its smart bike-desk combo dubbed eKinekt BD3 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. As the rider pedals the smart bike, it charges their laptop and smartphone. The bike converts the kinetic energy generated from pedaling to an electric charge that helps in charging the electronic devices.



One hour of constant cycling at 60 RPM on the bike desk can generate 75 watts of self-generated power, Acer said. Riders can get information about their real-time progress, distance covered, speed, the approximate number of calories burned, and watts generated when pedaling via the LCD display and a companion smartphone app. For more accuracy, users can put information like their height, weight, gender, and age on the app.


The desk on the smart bike can be moved in two positions. In work mode, the desk moves closer to the bike seat so that the user can simultaneously sit upright for work and pedal. In Sports mode, the desk moves further away, giving the rider more leg space so that they can lean forward and increase pedaling power. The height of the desk and seat along with the bike’s resistance are can be adjusted.


The Acer eKinekt BD3 smart desk bike comes with two USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port for charging multiple devices at the same time. It even comes with a handle where the rider can hang their bag. The bike will be available in June in North America for $999 and in Europe for EUR999.

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