Arizona State University and OpenAI: A Collaborative Effort to Enhance Higher Education

    Referred as the leader of higher education and innovation, Arizona State University (ASU) is yet again continuing to chart the future of education, now in terms of artificial intelligence.

    On January 18th, the university announced that it has become the first higher education institution to collaborate with OpenAI. OpenAI is the AI research and deployment company behind the world famous ChatGPT. Revealed to the public only a year ago, ChatGPT’s success led to the surge of the use of generative AI tools and further adoption in organizations.

    “Research shows that nearly two-thirds of organizations are already actively exploring the integration of AI,” said ASU Chief Information Officer Lev Gonick. “By providing access to advanced AI capabilities, these tools are levelling the playing field, allowing individuals and organizations — regardless of size or resources — to harness the power of AI for creative and innovative endeavours.”

    By bringing ChatGPT into ASU, OpenAI brings advanced capabilities into higher education which then goes on to set a new precedent for how universities go about learning, enhancing creativity and ultimately the potential of the student outcomes.

    “ASU recognizes that augmented and artificial intelligence systems are here to stay, and we are optimistic about their ability to become incredible tools that help students to learn, learn more quickly and understand subjects more thoroughly,” ASU President Michael M. Crow said. “Our collaboration with OpenAI reflects our philosophy and our commitment to participating directly to the responsible evolution of AI learning technologies.”

    From February ASU will begin implementing the use of ChatGPT features in three areas – enhancing student success, forging new avenues for innovative research and streamlining organizational processes.

    “The goal is to leverage our knowledge core here at ASU to develop AI-driven projects aimed at revolutionizing educational techniques, aiding scholarly research and boosting administrative efficiency,” Gonick said.

    ASU plans to explore AI in all of its form and glory.

    “Learning is core to why so many users love ChatGPT. ASU continues to lead in innovation by integrating ChatGPT into its educational programs,” OpenAI Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap said. “We’re keen to learn from ASU and to work towards expanding ChatGPT’s impact in higher education.”


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