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Epic Games Store coming to iOS, Android later this year

The launch of Epic Games Store follows the recent implementation of the European Union's Digital Markets Act, which paves the way for alternative app stores to be offered on iOS devices.

Epic Games Store

Epic Games, the company behind the hugely popular online video game Fortnite, is planning to launch its own app store on iOS and Android devices later this year. The move comes amidst growing criticism of the high commission fees charged by Apple and Google on their respective app stores, the App Store and Play Store. The Epic Games Store will take a significantly lower cut from developers for its in-app purchases.

At the heart of Epic’s strategy lies a developer-friendly revenue model. While Apple and Google typically take a 30% cut of in-app purchases, Epic is reported to offer developers a significantly lower commission rate of just 12%. This aligns with the revenue split on the Epic Games Store for PC, giving developers a much larger share of their earnings.

Epic’s move follow the recent implementation of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which aims to curb the power of big tech companies and paves the way for alternative app stores to be offered on iOS devices. However, it is noteworthy that the availability of Epic’s store on iOS may be limited to European users for now.

For Android users, Google’s openness to alternative app stores could mean that the Epic Games Store may be available globally on Android devices. This wider accessibility could potentially disrupt the mobile gaming market, offering players a broader selection of games and developers a more lucrative platform.

While details are still scarce, Fortnite is confirmed to be among the titles available on the new store, even as the full lineup of games remains to be revealed. The exact design of the store is also under wraps, with only conceptual images released so far.

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