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Google to integrate Gemini Nano AI into Chrome Desktop

Googel Gemini Nano

Google Chrome is getting a major AI upgrade with the integration of Gemini Nano, the company’s lightweight on-device large language model (LLM). Announced at Google I/O 2024 on Tuesday, this move promises to bring smarter browsing experiences and empower developers to build creative features.

Gemini Nano, the smallest member of Google’s AI models, is renowned for its on-device capabilities, enabling tasks such as drafting emails, generating reports, and crafting social media posts. Previously confined to Google Workspace apps, this functionality will now be integrated into Chrome desktop.

Jon Dahlke, Director of Product Management for Google Chrome, announced this development at the conference, stating that the integration will debut in the upcoming Chrome 126 version. “We have started to engage with other browsers and will be opening up an early preview program for developers,” Dahlke said.

The successful integration of Gemini Nano into Chrome desktop was made possible by recent advancements in WebGPU and WASM support, allowing the AI model to run efficiently across a wide range of hardware configurations. “With webGPU, WASM, and Gemini built into Chrome, we believe the web IS AI-ready,” Dahlke added.

The Alphabet-owned company is also doubling down on its commitment to democratise AI and plans to collaborate with other browser vendors. Additionally, Gemini Nano will be integrated into Chrome DevTools, offering developers AI-powered explanations for error messages and debugging assistance. Furthermore, Google is leveraging Gemini Nano AI beyond browsing, integrating it into other products like Gmail and Google Messages.

While the rollout timeline remains to be seen, Google expects Gemini Nano to be available on most desktops and laptops. Elsewhere in March, it was reported that Google Pixel 8 will be getting support of Gemini Nano after being available on the Samsung S24 Series and the Pixel 8 Pro. Gemini Nano’s integration into the Pixel 8 will enhance two key features: an improved summarization function within the Recorder app that operates offline, and the extension of Gboard’s Smart Reply functionality.

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