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Instagram is testing a feature to turn every video post into Reels

Instagram Reels

Meta-owned Instagram is working on a new feature that will turn video posts into Reels, in an attempt to simplify video content on the app. As per reports, the company is testing the feature with some select users worldwide.

A Meta spokesperson confirming the news told TechCrunch that Instagram is presently testing a new update that will turn the video posts into Instagram Reels.  “We’re testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram,” the publication quoted the spokesperson as saying.

On Thursday, social media analyst  Matt Navarra shared a screenshot showing that people who are part of the test will get a prompt in-app message that says, “video posts are now shared as reels”.

The prompt message suggests that any user will be allowed to use the audio of a video posted by a public account that ends up being turned into a Reel, to create their own Reel. The message also notes that once a Reel is posted, anyone can create a remix and download it as part of their remix, however, it can be prevented using account settings.

At present, Instagram has not made any official announcement regarding the permanence of this change. It is also unclear whether users will be able to publish videos for up to 10 minutes (or up to 60 minutes on verified accounts) on the platform.

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