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Instagram tightens controls on teen safety with enhanced ‘Limits’ feature

Instagram now lets teens limit interactions to only those in their “Close Friends” group. Read on to know more.


Instagram is expanding its “Limits” feature, giving teenagers more control over who can interact with them on the platform and in turn addressing concerns about online harassment and bullying. Meta-owned popular social media platform has now expanded functionalities under its “Limits” tool, granting users the ability to tailor their social experiences more precisely.

Previously, the “Limits” feature allowed users to restrict comments and messages from recent followers or those they do not follow back. The revamped feature, which was first announced last year as a reaction to the harassment faced by English football players in 2021, now lets teens limit interactions to only those in their “Close Friends” group. Once turned on, the tool will limit comments, messages, story replies, tags, and mentions for teens only from the people they included in their “Close Friends” list. The comments and messages from accounts outside of this list will be hidden to prevent any kind of bullying or harassment.

Instagram Limits
Instagram Limits

Alongside this, the platform’s “Restrict” feature is also receiving an upgrade. Users can now restrict accounts, preventing them from tagging or mentioning the user and automatically hiding their comments. This allows for a more nuanced approach to dealing with unwanted interactions, without resorting to outright blocking someone.

These updates come amid growing concerns about the impact of social media especially on young people’s mental health. Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has faced criticism for its handling of these issues. The Mark Zuckerberg-led tech and social media  behemoth has been under increasing scrutiny, with legal action and regulatory investigations in multiple jurisdictions highlighting the need for stringent safety measures.

The enhanced “Limits” and “Restrict” functions are the latest steps in creating a safer online environment for teenagers. It is important to note that limitations on interactions are not permanent. Users can adjust settings within the app and choose the timeframe for limitations.

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