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LinkedIn reportedly testing TikTok-style video feed


Following the trend of short-form video content, professional social networking site LinkedIn is now reportedly experimenting with a new feature inspired by ByteDance-owned TikTok, TechCrunch reported. This dedicated video feed on LinkedIn will likely to boost user engagement by offering bite-sized, niche professional content.

Discovered by Austin Null, a the feature is currently hidden behind a “Video” tab within the app. Swiping through this vertical feed, users can discover short, mainly, career-focused videos. And like TikTok and Meta-owned Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn will also let users interact with the videos through likes, comments, and shares.

More details like the feature’s date and region of availability are still under wraps. The algorithm behind video recommendations also remains unclear. But given LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, the video content will also mainly revolve around professional development, job hunting, and industry insights – a clear distinction from the broader entertainment focus of TikTok. However, like TikTok, LinkedIn could also introduce monetization options in the future to incentivize content creation and attract more creators to its platform.

The move comes as the professional networking giant reportedly acknowledges the growing popularity of video learning among its users. The new feed provides a dedicated space for professionals to share their knowledge and expertise in a format that’s easily digestible and perfect for on-the-go consumption.  However, the influx of yet another short-form video feed might not be welcomed by everyone. While LinkedIn’s focus on professional content offers a unique twist, some users might find it overwhelming amidst the existing video content saturation across various platforms.

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