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Meta slashes prices for the Quest 2 and its accessories

Meta permanently drops prices of the Quest 2 by $50, deciding to continue with its Black Friday prices for its VR headset

Meta Quest 2

Months after releasing the Quest 3 headset, Meta is slashing the prices for its older Quest 2 by $50 permanently. The Quest 2 is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset developed by a division of Meta Platforms called the Reality Labs. It saw the light of the world on September 16, 2020, and was released on October 13 as Oculus Quest 2. Later this was rebranded as Meta Quest 2 in 2022 according to the company wide rebranding following the phase-out of the Oculus brand wherein Facebook was made into Meta.

The Quest 2 was an evolution of the Oculus Quest with a similar design. However, it had a lighter weight, updated internal specifications and a display with a higher refresh rate and per-eye resolution. It also had an updated battery life. Like the predecessor, the Quest 2 can run as an independent headset with an internal Android based OS or with Oculus Rift- compatible VR software running on a computer.

While Quest 2 received a lot of positive feedback, it was still criticized for its stock head strap, reduced interpupillary distance (IPD) options and the requirement to log in with Facebook to use the account.

After the launch of Quest 3, the 128GB version dropped from $299 to $249 and the 256 GB dropped from $349 to $299. The headset has been on sale since Black Friday, but Meta has decided to make these prices permanent.

Alongside the apparatus itself, the company is also offering some Quest 2 accessories at lower prices.  This includes the Elite strap with battery from $119.9 to $89.99, the Elite Strap from $59.99 to $49.99, Quest 2 carrying case from $59.99 to $44.99, the Quest Active pack from $69.99 to $59.99 and finally the Quest 2 Fit pack from $49.99 to 39.99.

The dropped price might tempt audiences to buy Quest 2 to try out VR instead of spending $500 on Quest 3.

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