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Report: Meta to Release Four New VR Headsets by 2024

Facebook XR Headset Prototype

According to a report by The Information, Meta plans to release four new VR headsets by 2024, in addition to its AR devices. Sylvia Varnham O’Regan and Mathew Olson of The Information say they’ve seen an internal plan from Meta that depicts an accelerated launch of additional VR headsets. The report specifies that they are “virtual reality headsets” and that the four new devices are distinct from Meta’s AR headsets. 

Meta Project Cambria

Meta expects to unveil Project Cambria in September, which is a higher-end gadget than its current Quest gear and is internally known as Arcata, followed by an improved version, now codenamed Funston, in 2024.

It is speculated that the initial Project Cambria headset would cost roughly $799, which is significantly more than the Quest VR headsets, which cost $299 / $399.

Meta VR Headsets

Despite its high price and high-resolution display, the headset will run Meta’s Android OS and have processing capability more akin to a low-end laptop, similar to a “Chromebook for the face” that runs web apps and at least some Quest software that is already available. Cambria’s key selling point should be its ability to handle full-color passthrough for mixed reality, a larger battery situated on the back to make it more comfortable to wear than the Quest 2, and sensors inside that can capture eye movement and facial emotions to transfer to the user’s virtual avatar.

According to The Information, the upcoming generations of the Quest VR headgear are codenamed Stinson and Cardiff, with release dates set for 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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