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Microsoft announces Sign Language View for Teams meeting: All you need to know

Microsoft announces Sign Language View for Teams meeting
To enable the feature, select (Settings and more) > Settings > Accessibility, and turn on Sign Language.


Microsoft has introduced a new feature, called Sign Language View, to help signers during the Teams meeting. The American multinational tech giant claims that the feature provides a more predictable, static meeting experience to people with hearing disabilities, interpreters, and other users, allowing them to prioritize up to two other signers’ video streams for placement on center stage.


“When Sign Language View is enabled, the prioritized video streams appear at the right aspect ratio and at the highest available quality. You can enable Sign Language View either on the fly during a meeting or as a setting that persists across all your calls,” Microsoft said in a blog.


When the feature is enabled, the video feeds of the designated signers remain visible on center stage as long as their video is on. Other participants can also be pinned or highlighted without encroaching on the interpreter.


Further, Microsoft made preferences sticky, meaning no more fiddling with features and views when the user joins a meeting. “In the new Accessibility pane in the Settings menu you can turn sign language view on by default across all your meetings, and pre-identify a set of preferred signers that you work with inside your organization on a regular basis – for example, your regular interpreters (or for interpreters, your regular clients),” the blog added.


To enable Sign Language View across all meetings by default, select (Settings and more) > Settings > Accessibility, and turn on Sign Language. Additionally to add someone as an interpreter, select Manage preferred signers, type the interpreter’s name, and then select the interpreter from the list of search results.


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