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More Choices for Users of Meta: Complying to the EU’s DMA

With more choices to integrate their accounts in Instagram and Facebook, Meta users are now given more freedom as Meta complies to the EU's DMA

Meta preparing AI-powered chatbots with different personas, report says

More choices regarding the consumption of Meta platforms will be provided to Instagram and Facebook users in Europe. The services will comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), the social media company said on Monday.

After Google outlined efforts to comply with the new EU technology rules, the world’s largest social network is finally coming around to making the latest changes to conform to the DMA. This could hurt the revenues for some companies.

According to the changes, over the next few years, users will get notifications from the service providers informing them that they can choose if they would like to share their information between its services. All Big Tech firms including Meta must comply to the DMA by March 7. What this change demands is that Facebook Messenger users will be able to choose if they want to share their information from Facebook to their Messenger account, or if they want to have separate accounts for both services, according to the company.

Meta added that Instagram and Facebook users can choose to either connect or separately maintain their accounts with or without sharing their information across the two accounts. Users can also choose to whether to share information within their Facebook accounts and the platform’s Gaming and marketplace services.

This change gives more autonomy to the users and their experiences with these platforms are enhanced. In an age where consumers are becoming the central pivot of businesses, this change aligns to the current ideology.

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