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Motorola teases rollable concept smartphone that expands vertically

Motorola rollable concept phone
Motorola demoed the phone at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 conference.


Motorola, at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 conference held yesterday, demoed a rollable smartphone that expands and contracts vertically with a press of a button.


The device has a flexible OLED display, which extends up to 6.5 inches and retracts to its original form of just over 4 inches. Home screen, videos and other content on the phone interestingly adapts to the size of the phone.


Motorola rollable concept phone (Image Credit: Lenovo)
Motorola rollable concept phone Image Credit Lenovo

The company has not disclosed any details at this point and it is unclear whether it will ever be launched commercially. Later in the video, Lucca Rossi, Lenovo’s Executive Vice President and President – Intelligent Devices Group, briefly talked about the possibility of a rollable laptop that could “bring multitasking, browsing and mobility applications to another level.”


Rollable concept laptop (Image Credit: Lenovo)
Rollable concept laptop Image Credit Lenovo


The concept of rollable smartphone isn’t new. Companies like Oppo, TCL and even LG, until it gave up making phones, have in the past showcased rollable phones. However, all of these brands came up with the concept of a horizontal rollable phone, while Motorola’s is a vertically expandable smartphone concept.

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