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OpenAI postpones Custom GPT Store launch to early 2024 amidst leadership turmoil

OpenAI ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT-parent OpenAI has reportedly delayed the launch of its much-anticipated custom GPT store, moving the date to early 2024. This postponement, revealed through an internal memo obtained by media outlet Reuters, comes after the initial plan to open the store last month.

The decision follows a tumultuous period for the artificial intelligence startup, marked by the unexpected dismissal and swift reinstatement of chief executive officer Sam Altman. Reportedly, this leadership shakeup significantly contributed to the delay.

In a memo cited by Axios, OpenAI addressed its developer community, stating, “While we had expected to release (the GPT Store) this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!” The memo also highlighted ongoing improvements to the GPTs.

OpenAI first introduced the concept of custom GPTs and the corresponding store at its inaugural developer conference in November. The GPTs, early versions of AI assistants, are designed to perform real-world tasks, such as booking flights. The store was not only expected to enhance the accessibility of these AI models but also to offer a platform for users to share and monetize their custom GPTs.

Despite the delay, OpenAI assures that customers can still create and share GPTs directly with others. However, these GPTs won’t be publicly listed or partake in any potential revenue-sharing schemes until the store’s formal launch.

The initial announcement of the store’s launch, made at OpenAI’s Dev Day conference, raised several questions, particularly regarding the operational details and the readiness of the platform. The unexpected leadership crisis further complicated the situation, leading to a loss of work and a reassessment of priorities.

With the year-end holidays approaching and the company navigating new board dynamics, the decision to postpone the launch appears to be a strategic move to ensure a more stable and refined rollout. OpenAI continues to focus on incorporating customer feedback and improving the GPT models, signaling its commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly platform despite the current challenges.

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