Oura Health Files Lawsuit Against Ultrahuman Over Alleged Infringement

    Oura Health, a Finnish startup renowned for its smart rings, has filed a lawsuit against Bengaluru-based Ultrahuman, accusing the latter of patent and copyright infringement. The lawsuit, filed in a district court in Texas in September, alleges that Ultrahuman copied Oura’s technology and design, rather than innovating independently.

    Oura, known for its third-generation smart ring, claims that Ultrahuman’s fitness ring is a direct imitation of its product in terms of appearance, structure, and functionality. The Finnish company alleges that Ultrahuman gained unfair advantage through former Oura employees and investors who had access to proprietary information. This information breach reportedly occurred around December 2021.

    The core of Oura’s accusation lies in the similarity of the materials used in Ultrahuman’s products, including the use of titanium and specific sensor technologies. Oura contends that these similarities are not coincidental but are a result of deliberate copying. The lawsuit points to Ultrahuman’s use of skin and PPG sensors, crucial for monitoring biomarkers, as evidence of this infringement.

    Founded in 2019 by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal, Ultrahuman has made strides in the health and fitness technology sector. In June this year, the company launched Ultrahuman Ring Air, featuring enhanced sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and body temperature monitoring. The startup also offers a subscription-based fitness platform providing comprehensive data analysis and workout content.

    Ultrahuman’s growth has been supported by significant funding, including a $17.5 million Series B round in August 2021 from investors like Steadview Capital and Nexus Venture Partners. The startup competes in the app-based fitness segment with other Indian companies like Zivov and HealthifyMe.

    Oura Health, established in 2013, has become a major player in the smart ring market. The company’s product, Oura Ring, offers personalized health data and insights. Oura’s last funding round in April 2022 valued the company at $2.55 billion, highlighting its significant market presence.

    The lawsuit seeks damages for the alleged infringements, potentially including all profits realized by Ultrahuman as a result of these actions. Oura also demands a permanent injunction against Ultrahuman and its affiliates. This legal battle comes as Ultrahuman leads the smart ring segment in India, holding a 75.5% market share in the third quarter of 2023.


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