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Pichai Hints at Further Layoffs

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai announces layoffs, citing the need to simplify execution and increase velocity; 1,000 jobs already cut

Sundar Pichai

Around 1,000 workers have been let go by Google across a number of areas, and the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has hinted at additional layoffs in the upcoming year. The IT giant highlighted its emphasis on important issues and indicated that it is continuously adjusting its organizational structure to better correspond with its changing business goals and plans.

Internal Memo Emphasizes “Tough Choices”

Google, led by CEO Sundar Pichai, has announced that it has laid off almost 1,000 workers in several divisions. This indicates that Google is continuing its reorganization efforts, which could result in additional job losses this year.

Pichai stressed the importance of these “tough choices” in an internal memo, as Google intends to spend on major objectives in the upcoming months. These cutbacks have an impact on a wide range of departments, including hardware, ad sales, trust and safety, retail, maps, policy core engineering, and YouTube. Pichai promised that these role eliminations are not as significant as the 12,000 job cutbacks from the previous year, despite the significant impact. 

The layoffs were made with the intention of “removing layers to simplify execution and drive velocity in some areas,” he said, acknowledging that it was difficult to see colleagues and teams negatively impacted. Although precise decisions on resource allocation will continue to be made throughout the year, Pichai pointed out that many of these adjustments have already been made public and that not all teams will be impacted. The message highlights Google’s continuous attempts to simplify operations and adjust to changing business priorities, which will eventually mold the company’s course in response to the rapidly changing digital industry.

Impact on Various Departments Across Google

The present job losses at Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, are overshadowed by the large layoffs of 12,000 people that occurred there last year. However, CEO Sundar Pichai ensures that the extent of the reductions will not be comparable to the previous ones. With 182,000 employees as of September 2023, Pichai recognizes the challenge of seeing coworkers impacted. Alphabet admitted to overstretching during a hiring frenzy in the midst of the pandemic-induced tech boom last year.

Pichai’s memo, which reflects ongoing changes in the sector, comes after larger tech layoffs, such as Spotify’s 17% global workforce decrease and Amazon’s layoffs in Prime Video, studios, and Twitch. Layoffs.com is tracking tech layoffs in 2023.Just so you know, there are 7,785 overall. This is a big decrease from the same time last year, when the industry witnessed almost 38,000 job losses.

Several changes have already been made public, and Pichai said teams would keep allocating resources in a targeted manner in the upcoming months, which might have an impact on specific responsibilities. Google declined to offer further commentary on the issue.

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