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X Pro (formerly TweetDeck) is officially a paid service now

X Pro (formerly TweetDeck) is officially a paid service now
Users of X Pro, or TweetDeck, who do not have X’s paid subscription service (formerly Twitter Blue) are now redirected to the subscription page.


American microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has made X Pro, formerly known as TweetDeck, exclusive to paid subscribers. The move follows the Elon Musk-owned company’s announcement in July to make X Pro exclusive to verified users and granted a 30-day transition period.


Users of X Pro, the company’s more comprehensive and customizable interface, who do not have X’s paid subscription service called X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) are now redirected to the subscription page. The page further highlights the benefits of Blue subscription like prioritized rankings in conversations and searches along with the ability to publish long-form content, add bold and italic text in posts, post longer videos and 1080p video uploads, etc.


TweetDeck or X Pro is the social media platform’s more comprehensive and customizable interface for managing multiple accounts, monitoring and scheduling tweets, building tweet collection, and engaging with followers. The interface allows users to create customizable columns that display different aspects of their activity on X, such as home timelines, mentions, direct messages, notifications, and search results.


By making the interface exclusive to Blue users, the Linda Yaccarino-led platform could get a revenue boost as the beleaguered company struggles to bring back advertisers. With the view of growing revenue, the company launched Twitter Blue, its paid verification service, last year. Talking about India, the monthly Twitter Blue subscription cost users Rs 650 for the web and Rs 900 each for Android and iOS devices. Twitter charges Rs 6,800 for web and Rs 9,400 for Android and iOS devices per year.


In late July, Twitter rebranded itself and bid farewell to its iconic bird logo, and adopted an “X” as its official logo. Twitter CEO Yaccarino emphasized that the transformation to X goes beyond just replacing the logo. She highlighted that X would focus on enhancing features centered around audio, video, messaging, payment/banking, and creating a “global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.”


Musk’s affinity for the letter ‘X’ is well known, as evidenced by his previous ventures such as SpaceX, and his AI company X.ai. In April, the social network underwent a legal name change from Twitter Inc. to X Corp, further solidifying Musk’s fascination with the letter.

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