Xiaomi’s CyberDog Could Be Your Next Best Friend

    The CyberDog can conduct a range of high-speed movements and complicated actions such as backflips.


    Xiaomi, the Chinese consumer tech giant, unveiled its four-legged quadruped electronic pet, CyberDog, in India ahead of the completion of its eight-year journey in the country.


    The robot, which is agile and can adapt to complex terrain easily, is powered by Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX AI Supercomputer for Embedded Edge Systems and is paired with 128GB of SSD storage.


    The CyberDog is equipped with features like microphones, along with AI interactive and binocular ultra-wide-angle fisheye cameras. The 11 high-precision sensors provide it with an enhanced capability to sense, analyze, and interact with its environment, making it a perfect assisted living partner.


    Apart from this, the robot can analyze its surroundings in real time, create navigational maps, plot its destination, and avoid obstacles. CyberDog also responds to the owner’s voice commands, understands a wake word, and can be controlled via remote and smartphone apps. Further customization can be done via USB Type-C ports and an HDMI connector.


    The robot can conduct a range of high-speed movements up to 3.2 m/s and complicated actions such as backflips.


    The Chinese company will display the robot companion at Mi Homes across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. According to reports, the CyberDog is sold for 9,999 Yuan, which converts to around INR1.18 lacs.


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