YouTube starts crack down on ad blockers globally, report says

    American video-sharing platform YouTube has reportedly launched a global crackdown on ad blockers. With its latest efforts, YouTube is ensuring that users either allow ads or consider subscribing to YouTube Premium.

    For those who employ ad-blocking extensions now while using YouTube, the crackdown is evident through a series of warnings. Users may encounter a notice stating, “video playback is blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled.” Alongside this message, YouTube encourages users to either permit ads or explore the benefits of YouTube Premium.

    YouTube starts crack down on ad blockers globally, report says
    YouTube starts crack down on ad blockers globally report says

    Confirming YouTube’s latest initiative to The Verge, the platform’s communications manager, Christopher Lawton, said that the use of ad blockers is a violation of the platform’s policy. He further emphasized the importance of ads in supporting a diverse ecosystem of content creators and providing billions of people access to free content. While YouTube initially experimented with disabling videos for users with ad blockers earlier this year, Lawton reportedly described it as a “small experiment globally” at the time.

    YouTube has been making several changes to its ad strategy throughout the year, including introducing unskippable 30-second ads to its TV app and experimenting with longer but less frequent ad breaks on television. These adjustments are aimed at encouraging more users to opt for the ad-free YouTube Premium subscription.

    In terms of pricing, YouTube Premium offers various options. In India, an individual subscription costs Rs 129 per month, with an annual plan available for Rs 1,290. Additionally, YouTube offers a family plan that allows up to five users to enjoy ad-free content, priced at Rs 189 per month.

    As YouTube intensifies its efforts to curb ad blockers, users will need to consider their options: either embrace ads as an integral part of supporting content creators or explore the ad-free experience offered by YouTube Premium, which, despite recent changes, remains an appealing choice for those seeking uninterrupted viewing.


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