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Renault 4 electric concept unveiled

The new Renault 4 was announced in Paris Motor Show 2022 but, as an electric variant. Here are the expected specs and recent updates of this 60-year old car.

Renault 4

French automaker Renault is poised to introduce a nostalgic addition to its electric lineup with the Renault 4 electric crossover. Debuted as a compact electric SUV, this vehicle made its first appearance at the 2022 Paris Motor Show under the guise of the 4Ever Trophy concept. Offering a glimpse into the electric variant, Renault released concept images, offering a comprehensive preview of the stylings reminiscent of the iconic Renault 4 from early 1960’s. Establishing a clear trajectory towards electrification, the company outlined its strategic commitment to the vehicle’s electric evolution as early as June 2021, with murmurs suggesting that production may commence post-2025.

At the Paris Motor Show, the electric Renault 4 emerged as a contemporary reinterpretation of the beloved Renault 4, originally introduced in 1961. Renault confirmed that the electric  SUV will be placed in the CMF-BEV platform (Common Module Family modular architecture concept jointly developed by Nissan and Renault through their Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi partnership) for B segment electric vehicles This modern iteration features a retro grille, signature lighting, and the iconic silhouette reminiscent of the popular family car from the 1960s. Here are some of the anticipated technical specifications, design specs, and the rich historical backdrop of the Renault 4 series.

Renault 4 Electric expected specifications

Renault 4 electric
The Renault 4Ever Trophy electric concept as showcased by Renault

Though Renault has not revealed details regarding the car’s specifications. The upcoming Renault 4 is rumored to placed in the B-SUV (subcompact crossover) segment. Looking at the concept, the car boasts of matrix LED lights and an illuminated Renault logo on the blanked-off front grille panel.

Renault 4 electric
Renault confirmed that the car gets 20 cm clearance around the wheel arches The high seated body highlights a width 753 mm wheels mounted on 19 inch rims The underbelly has been reinforced protection for the battery located in the middle of the chassis

The concept features a 42kWh battery that feeds a 138bhp motor mounted on the front axle. Renault hasn’t released any performance data for this concept car, but the brand has outlined that the 4Ever Trophy edition is 4,060mm long and features a 2,570mm wheelbase.

Renault 4 electric
The concept features a spare tyre on the carbon fibre roof a shovel and waffle boards on the upper section of the rear door

Internally, the Renault 4 is anticipated to embody a minimalist aesthetic design that matches with the exterior. Despite its compact appearance, the The 4Ever Concept is anticipated to afford a spacious five-seater cabin and a generous boot capacity. The car may also feature a digital cockpit with smart-car features.

Renault 4 electric
Some design element do look similar to the Renault Duster SUV

Renault’s fusion of retro and contemporary design sensibilities will be predominantly evident in this model, setting them apart from the brand’s wider product portfolio. As articulated by Renault Group’s Chief Design Officer, Laurens van den Acker, this strategic direction bears resemblance to Ford’s approach with the Mustang and Bronco nameplates, facilitating the retelling of automotive heritage.

A Journey Through Time

Renault 4
The first ever Renault 4 from 1961

The Renault 4, though traditionally known as R4 (pronounced “Quatrelle” in French) represents a significant milestone in automotive history. The company first manufactured the car in the year 1961 and continued to introduce various models till 1994. Initially introduced as a compact estate or wagon, the main highlight for the Renault 4 was that it was the first time that Renault made a front-wheel-drive layout in the family car segment.

Renault 4 electric
The Renault 4L Cross from 1981 that featured a 4 cylinder 845cm3 engine coupled with a 4 gear manual transmission and a 4 wheel drum brake system in order to handle racing

The car was released during an era where France witnessed a shift from prolonged economic stagnation to brimming prosperity, coupled with a notable rise in automobile ownership. Shortly after the launch, the car was commercially successful, due to its design and features. As of early 2020, the Renault 4’s enduring 33-year production tenure positioned it as the seventeenth most enduring single-generation automobile in history.

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