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Apple Acknowledges Battery Drain Issue on Apple Watches, Promises a Forthcoming Fix

Apple Acknowledges Battery Drain Issue on Apple Watches, Promises a Forthcoming Fix

Apple has recognized a significant battery drain problem affecting users of various Apple Watch models post the watchOS 10.1 update. The tech giant is actively developing a software update aimed at rectifying the issue, as reported by a number of users and confirmed through an internal memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The battery anomaly came to light after users began experiencing and reporting rapid battery depletion on their devices following the October update to watchOS 10.1. User discussions on platforms such as Reddit, Apple’s support community, and X (previously known as Twitter), reveal that the issue spans across multiple models, including the latest Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

An Apple Watch user expressed their frustration on the Apple Support Forums, stating, “My one-week-old watch was fine until I let it update to 10.1 last night. It immediately got super hot, and the battery drained from 98 per cent to 20 per cent in about 30 min.”

MacRumors revealed that an internal memo had been disseminated to service providers, acknowledging the glitch and indicating a fix through an impending watchOS software update. “The issue will be fixed in a watchOS update that is ‘coming soon,'” the memo outlined, as obtained by MacRumors. However, the company has not publicly disclosed a specific release date for this resolution.

Although a remedy is anticipated to arrive in the form of a minor watchOS 10.1.1 update, there is speculation that the solution might be delayed until the launch of watchOS 10.2, currently in beta testing. The broader timeline for this update is a potential December release.

Interestingly, Apple’s release notes for iOS 17.1 referenced a power consumption bug tied to the pairing of Apple Watches on watchOS 10.1 with iPhones on iOS 17. Despite this update, users have continued to report battery issues, suggesting that the problem persists and an additional update is warranted.

Apple, in its typical commitment to customer service and device reliability, is working on providing a software update. This upcoming release is expected not only to address the immediate battery drain issue but also to enhance the overall user experience with their wearables.

The watchOS 10.1 update had introduced new features, including a gesture for the latest Apple Watch models, allowing users to perform actions by tapping their index finger and thumb together. Despite these innovations, the primary focus remains on resolving the battery drain that has inadvertently affected a broad user base.

Apple has not yet offered a public statement beyond the notifications to service providers. Users experiencing this battery drain are advised to monitor official Apple communications for updates and instructions once the software fix becomes available.

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