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macOS Sonoma Update Adds Liquid Detection to USB-C Ports for Enhanced Mac Safety

macOS Sonoma Update Adds Liquid Detection to USB-C Ports for Enhanced Mac Safety

Apple Inc. has introduced an innovative liquid detection feature in the latest update of macOS Sonoma 14.1, enhancing the protection of Mac computers against potential liquid damage. This new addition aims to fortify the safeguarding mechanisms already in place for Apple’s range of devices.

According to 9to5Mac, the recent macOS update includes a new system daemon called “liquiddetectiond.” This function operates in the background, assessing each USB-C port on the Mac for signs of liquid contact. While similar systems are already active on iPhones and iPads to alert users to moisture presence, the Mac’s version is currently focused on analytics for diagnostic purposes.

An Apple spokesperson detailed the feature’s functionality, stating, “This daemon is designed as a ‘Liquid Detection and Corrosion Mitigation Daemon,’ running quietly in the background to ensure our users’ devices are protected from liquid exposure.”

This proactive feature comes as part of Apple’s broader strategy to reduce the frequency of warranty claims stemming from liquid damage, which are not covered under the standard Apple limited warranty. It’s a continuation of the company’s efforts, which in the past included a patent application in 2012 aimed at refining its moisture detection technology after a lawsuit regarding the inaccuracy of such sensors on iPhones.

With liquid damage being a notable concern for electronic devices, Apple’s integration of the liquiddetectiond function into macOS could serve as an advanced tool for technicians. It would enable a more precise verification of liquid exposure, thereby determining the eligibility for repair under Apple’s warranty services.

However, the company has not yet signaled any intent to utilize this system to provide real-time alerts to users, as it does with the iOS platform. “At present, the detection system’s analytics are primarily for internal diagnostic use and are not linked to any end-user notifications,” stated an internal memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers.

It remains uncertain whether this feature will be compatible with all Macs running the latest version of macOS or if it will require additional hardware, such as the speculated M3 chipsets, to function effectively.

This system acts in concert with Apple’s existing Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI), physical markers within the devices that alter color upon liquid exposure. The combination of the LCI and the new liquiddetectiond daemon represents Apple’s commitment to thorough internal diagnostics and customer device integrity.

This latest macOS Sonoma 14.1 update also boasts user-centric enhancements, including the ability to manage music preferences within the Music app, as well as providing easy access to the status of AppleCare+ plans for Mac and AirPods through System Settings.

Alongside software updates, Apple continues to expand its hardware offerings with the release of new MacBook Pros powered by the M3 chip, available in multiple configurations catering to a range of performance needs and budget considerations.

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