Apple drops plans to manufacture micro-LED displays

    Apple has reportedly halted its ambitious project to develop microLED displays internally, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported. This decision comes after years of substantial investment by Apple in the microLED technology, which promised to revolutionize display quality with its superior energy efficiency, enhanced contrast, and brighter colors compared to traditional LED displays. Initially, Apple aimed to introduce microLED technology in its high-end Apple Watch Ultra.

    However, the complexity and high costs associated with microLED development have led Apple to reevaluate its strategy. The company is now restructuring its display engineering teams and has begun layoffs affecting employees both in the U.S. and Asia. While some of these employees might find different roles within Apple, others are being offered severance packages.

    The decision to abandon the microLED project surfaced following rumors in February, initiated by comments from a supplier which hinted at the cancellation. Subsequent speculations and confirmations by industry analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Display Supply Chain Consultants pointed to the discontinuation of the microLED Apple Watch development. Despite earlier denials and claims of ongoing work on the project, it has become evident that Apple has shifted its focus away from microLED technology for its wearable devices.

    Apple’s exploration into microLED technology was driven by its potential to outperform OLED displays by offering better brightness, faster response times, and no risk of burn-in. Manufacturing then, even for the world’s largest tech company, is a challenge. Apple, like many other consumer tech behemoths, relies heavily on specialised contract manufacturers for several components and subsystems in its products.


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