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Apple takes first steps towards ‘Made in India’ AirPods

The wait is finally over. After iPhone, India may soon see ‘Made in India’ Airpods

Apple Made in India AirPods

Apple has taken the first step towards creating “Made in India” AirPods. A report by Bloomberg has suggested that Apple has started components for Airpods in India by partnering with contract electronics manufacturers. This move is part of the company effort’s to tap into the growing Indian market and also reduce dependency on China. 

Jabil Inc, a US-based company and Apple’s key supplier, has been shipping AirPods components from Vietnam and China to kickstart operations in India. Reports show that Apple has been planning to shift most of its operations from China to India by 2027 and that the tech giant is also setting up its retail stores. 

It is interesting to note that India accounted for 10-15% of Apple’s production capacity at the end of 2022, and with the expansion of AirPods, this number will reach new highs by the end of 2023. It is also worth knowing that the Indian government has approved over a dozen of Apple’s existing manufacturing partners to set up joint ventures. 

This move represents a significant milestone for India’s electronics manufacturing sector and will lead to a robust local supply chain for Apple products in the future. It is also a crucial step towards the Indian government’s goal of making the country a global hub for electronics manufacturing. 

It has been long speculated that after iPhone, iPads will be the next thing that will be pushed to production in India. But AirPods beat the punch, and with the upcoming launch of iPhone 15 in September 2023, things will start pacing soon. 

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