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Apple reported to be working on a foldable device

Apple is actively working on a foldable device to be launched as early as 2026. It could be an iPhone or even an iPad mini replacement

Apple Foldable

Apple is reportedly working on a foldable device, with rumors suggesting a launch as early as 2026. The device in question could feature a large display, blurring the lines between an iPhone and a potential iPad mini replacement. It has to be noted that the iPad mini is now the oldest device in the iPad lineup and is expected to get an update soon. In typical Apple fashion, the company is being cautious before deploying a new technology, even as Samsung, a key competitor, is well into the fifth generation of its foldable smartphones. Apple, it seems, wants to be absolutely certain about the durability of such a foldable device. 

Industry insiders hint at Apple’s foldable device sporting a book-style fold, with the inner screen size speculated to be anywhere between 7.6 and 8.4 inches. The ambiguity remains, however, whether this device will market as a foldable iPhone or an alternative to the iPad mini, with opinions divided on the direction Apple might take​​​​.

Apple’s history suggests that the company is likely to wait until it believes that foldable technology has matured enough. It has to be noted that even though foldable smartphones have only been around for a few years, the technology now finds application in a number of form factors and, more importantly, use cases, especially when it comes to how the large screen real estate is being employed for productivity – case in point being the widely praised OnePlus Open. That said, there still remains a question mark in terms of long-term durability of these device. 

With Samsung Display and LG Display reportedly sending foldable screen samples to Apple, the tech giant seems to be thoroughly exploring its options. The anticipated foldable device could either consolidate the company’s dominance in the high-end smartphone space or open up new avenues in the tablet market by replacing the iPad mini with a more versatile, foldable alternative​​.

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