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Maruti Suzuki announces launch plans for the eVX

Maruti Suzuki announces plans for the eVX all-electric SUV; expected to launch in India in 2025 followed by a Toyota-badged model

Maruti Suzuki eVX

Maruti Suzuki India, the nation’s leading automaker, is set to foray into the (EV) market with the launch of its first EV, the eVX, sometime next year.

Maruti Suzuki’s first EV in the market is said to offer a 60kWh battery pack aiming for a range of approximately 550km. Maruti Suzuki has so far been non-committal about its plans for EVs, and the launch of a production date is a strong statement that hints at the brand’s intention to compete in the rapidly growing, locally produced EV space in the country.

Rahul Bharti, Maruti Suzuki’s Executive Director (Corporate Affairs), shared insights into the company’s ambitious plans. “Our first EV, an SUV, will be launched in the next financial year (FY2024-2025). At present, the SMG facility at Hansalpur has three plants – A, B, and C. Now, to manufacture the EV, a new production line will be added,” Bharti explained.

There is also news of a Toyota version of the EV, highlighting a collaborative effort between the two automotive giants. Both vehicles are poised not only to cater to the Indian market but also to make a mark on international shores, with plans for exports firmly in place. Maruti Suzuki’s partnership with Toyota is expected to come in handy in the development of the eVX, with there being indications that Toyota will in turn leverage its relationship with BYD to acquire the powertrain to be used Maruti Suzuki’s first EV in the country.

The eVX and its Toyota counterpart will be manufactured at the Suzuki Motor Gujarat’s (SMG) Hansalpur facility. This facility, operational since 2017, has rolled out over three million cars and produces popular models like the Baleno, Swift, Dzire, and Fronx.

Both the eVX and the Toyota version will be based on Toyota’s 27PL skateboard platform, promising a new era of mass-market EVs with their 4.3 meters length and efficient use of cabin space thanks to the born-EV architecture. With test mules already spotted in India, we can keep our fingers crossed for an unveil towards the end of this year.

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