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Bluesky Hits 1 Million Downloads Amidst Growing Demand for Twitter Alternatives

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Bluesky, the social networking platform backed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has reached a significant milestone of 1 million downloads, according to app store intelligence firm data.ai. The growth comes amid increasing demand for Twitter alternatives.

While not as explosive as Threads—the new Twitter rival from Instagram—Bluesky has been registering solid growth, hitting 1 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms in just four months. Unlike Threads, which is connected to Instagram’s extensive social graph, Bluesky follows an invite-only model, adding a layer of exclusivity to its growth metrics. According to data.ai, Bluesky averages 8,300 first-time installs per day, in contrast to Twitter’s 518,000.

The report says that the United States accounts for the largest number of Bluesky installs at 40 per cent, followed by Brazil (9.5 per cent), Japan (8.5 per cent), Thailand (7.5 per cent), and the United Kingdom (4.6 per cent).

Bluesky’s growth got a boost following Twitter’s decision to limit the number of readable tweets, driving users to explore alternatives. Approximately 300,000 new Bluesky installs were registered after the policy change, leading Bluesky to pause sign-ups temporarily due to performance concerns.

Bluesky recently announced an $8 million seed funding round and introduced its first paid feature—domain-linked usernames. The feature allows users to purchase and manage web domains through Bluesky, offering an alternative revenue stream to traditional advertising.

Unlike its competitors, Bluesky is focusing on developing its own decentralized social networking protocol, known as the AT Protocol, as opposed to integrating with existing ones like ActivityPub. While the approach adds to the platform’s unique appeal, it also risks limiting its reach compared to other Twitter alternatives. Bluesky aims to open its platform to the public in the near future, which could potentially lead to exponential growth in its user base.

As Bluesky crosses the 1 million download milestone, the platform continues to establish itself as a viable alternative to Twitter. However, with new entrants like Threads already enjoying substantial user engagement, it remains to be seen how Bluesky will navigate the increasingly competitive landscape of social networking.

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