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Dyson Zone Headphones with Unique Air Purification Feature Set to Debut in India

Dyson Zone are set to be launched on October 4, 2023. These headphones are not just an auditory device; they also serve as an air purifier, a dual functionality that positions them uniquely in the market.

Dyson Zone Headphones Set to Debut in India with Unique Air Purification Feature

London-based consumer electronics giant Dyson is gearing up to make its inaugural foray into the Indian wearable technology market with the launch of its innovative noise-canceling headphones, Dyson Zone. Scheduled for an official release on October 4, 2023, these headphones are not just an auditory device; they also serve as an air purifier, a dual functionality that positions them uniquely in the market.

The defining characteristic of Dyson Zone is the inclusion of a detachable visor that continuously purifies the air around the wearer. According to the company, this feature employs a two-stage, sealed filtration system designed to remove city fumes and 99 percent of ultrafine pollutants. While the visor’s availability in India is yet to be confirmed, it certainly adds a game-changing aspect to personal audio devices.

As for the cost, Dyson Zone is expected to be a premium offering. The global pricing for the headphones alone stands at approximately Rs 78,900 ($949), while the bundled version with the air-purifying visor is priced at around Rs 83,100 ($999). This pricing strategy places Dyson Zone in the high-end segment, potentially surpassing even the Apple AirPods Max in terms of cost.

The headphones come equipped with 10 microphones in total—eight for active noise cancellation (ANC) and two dedicated to voice and ambient modes. The 40mm drivers promise a balanced audio profile, delivering rich bass, clear mids, and crisp highs. In terms of battery life, users can expect up to 50 hours with ANC alone, and roughly four hours when both ANC and air purification are active. For additional customization, Dyson provides the MyDyson app, compatible with both Android and iOS, to adjust noise cancellation levels and audio equalization.

Dyson Zone features a striking blue and silver color scheme, complemented by micro-suede cushions on the ear cups. This design not only serves aesthetic purposes but also distinguishes the product from other noise-cancelling headphones currently available in the market.

Dyson’s entry into India’s wearable market comes at a strategic time, considering the significant growth the sector has experienced recently. India saw a remarkable surge in wearable sales, with year-over-year growth of 53.3 per cent in the first half of 2023 alone. With Indian consumers showing increasing interest in advanced and multifunctional gadgets, the Dyson Zone could well be positioned to capture a substantial share of this burgeoning market.

This ambitious move marks Dyson’s diversified venture into wearables, adding to its well-known product line of vacuum cleaners and home appliances. As India continues to show robust growth in the tech sector, Dyson Zone could potentially set new benchmarks in both audio quality and multifunctionality.

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