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Everything that you need to know about the new Zoom app for Apple Vision Pro

With the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, Zoom's new app is all set with exciting features making video conferences feel more realistic for users than ever

Apple's Vision Pro

Apple’s first-ever spatial computer, the Vision Pro has finally launched today in the U.S. CEO Tim Cook has said that the Vision Pro is the “most advanced consumer electronic device ever created.” 

The Vision Pro App Store is now live on their webpage the App Store now shows the Vision Pro compatibility for apps that are supported by the new headset.  

Zoom, the popular video collaboration service also announced the launch of its app for the Vision Pro. Zoom will be available on the Vision Pro App Store. The app is meant to blur the boundaries between in-person and remote meetings allowing the involved parties to feel more connected. The app will work on Vision Pro’s “infinite canvas,” allowing the scalable interface to be viewed in the real world or with a virtual backdrop. The new Zoom App supports the Personas or the spatial representation of the user in Vision Pro. A Persona can be created using the Vision Pro cameras, also serving as a stand-in for the user during video calls. Personas imitate the user, starting from the looks, the gesticulations, voice and reactions. These features allow the Zoom users to “feel like they are in the same room as their colleagues and customers” with just the Vision Pro.  

Zoom is also expected to support 3D files, equipped with the “come to life,” feature on Vision Pro. The upcoming Team Chat Integration feature will allow users to pin 5 Zoom participants anywhere in their physical space. The backgrounds of pinned users will be removed, allowing the feeling of multiple people being present in a room. m 

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